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About Us

Ramsey County Emergency Management and Homeland Security (RCEMHS) is charged with coordinating the emergency preparedness and homeland security efforts for the county. In addition to writing emergency response plans and conducting public education, we provide assistance to local jurisdictions and county agencies before, during and after disasters strike. EMHS works closely with local, state, and federal officials, and cooperatively with neighboring jurisdictions, to enhance homeland security and better prepare for and respond to incidents ranging from tornadoes to terrorism.

Homeland Security involves working with all aspects of public safety - from the federal level to individual citizens - to ensure the most comprehensive and coordinated approach to the protection of public safety. The division works with multiple agencies and jurisdictions to coordinate information, training and equipment needed for protecting the county and the nation from acts of terrorism. In the unfortunate event that such an act is perpetrated upon us, EMHS staff will work with these agencies and jurisdictions to meet the problem quickly, mitigate its effect, inform the public, and reduce the chances that such an event can happen again.

Our office also operates a volunteer organization. Ramsey County Emergency Services (RCES) unit members are uniformed volunteers that provide emergency communications, coordination of resources, planning and labor. RCES supports local and neighboring community agencies such as: EMS, Fire, and Police Departments with coordination, logistics, communication and staging at emergency scenes.  See our Volunteers page for more information.