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Education and Planning

Public Education

Following are a few of the local agencies that offer public education and volunteer opportunities.  Please visit each website for specific information regarding the types of education and volunteer opportunities offered.

Emergency Management Plans

Emergency Operations Plan
Ramsey County has completed the final revision of the Ramsey County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). A public version of the plan is available for review: Ramsey County EOP (pdf - 12MB) 

Ramsey County All-Hazard Mitigation Plan
As defined by the FEMA, mitigation is the cornerstone of emergency management. It's the ongoing effort to lessen the impact disasters have on people's lives and property through damage prevention. The Disaster Mitigation Act (DMA) of 2000 requires all states, counties and communities to have an approved Mitigation Plan in place in order to receive disaster funds whether from a tornado, flood or terrorist event.  The DMA of 2000: "reinforces the importance of mitigation planning in both pre and post-disaster situations, and emphasizes planning for disasters before they occur."  The Ramsey County All-Hazard Mitigation Plan was approved by the FEMA. A public version of the plan is available for review. Please contact Emergency Management for a copy: 651.266.1015 

Public Planning

There are a number of websites related to emergency planning.  Following are a few links to different types of plans.  If you have further questions in regards to planning or are looking for a specific type of assistance, please email our office.

MN Homeland Security and Emergency Management
How to Protect Yourself Against Terrorism
Pandemic Flu Guidance for Home, Work, Schools and Community Organizations

Personal Planning
Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (Planning for your financial needs)
Family Communications Plan Guide (ready to be filled out)
Family Emergency Plan (ready to be filled out)
Household Emergency Plan
Preparedness for Pet Owners
Red Cross: Family Emergency Plans

School Plans
Minnesota School Safety Center
Planning Guidance for Schools
U.S. Department of Education

Business Planning
FEMA Business Planning and Preparedness