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Open Enrollment for 2016 Benefits 
November 9 - November 23, 2015

Open Enrollment for 2016 insurance benefits runs from November 9 through November 23, 2015.   Please read through the Employee Insurance Benefit Plan Reference Guide so that you have the necessary information to select your insurance coverage and benefits for 2016.  Open Enrollment meetings are also scheduled at various locations in the County.  Click here for times and locations. 

The deadline for submitting your 2015 Open Enrollment elections is November 23.  However, if you want your insurance elections to remain the same and are not enrolling in the Health Care or Dependent Care Reimbursement Programs in 2016, you do not need to take any action - your current elections will continue in 2016. 

Again this year, you will make your open enrollment elections online.  Online enrollment directions are included in your enrollment packet.  Contact your Department Benefit Representative if you need assistance with enrollment.

For bargaining units that do not have 2016 bargaining agreements in place, the County contribution will remain at the 2014 level until new rates are set by union contract and County Board resolution. Until that time, the employee will assume the full increase on medical insurance (the dental insurance premium has not changed), and the online enrollment forms reflect this.

Medical Insurance - HealthPartners Distinctions

Ramsey County will continue to offer HealthPartners Distinctions to employees and their families in 2016.  Providers are ranked as Benefit Level 1 or Benefit Level 2 based on cost and quality.  Click here for information from HealthPartners on providers in Benefit Level 1 and Benefit Level 2 in 2016.  The premiums for HealthPartners Distinctions will increase in 2016 by 3.69%. 

There is one plan design change to the Distinctions plan for 2015 - In-network out-of-pocket maximums will increase from $1,000 Single/$2,000 Family to $1,200 single/$2,400 Family.  Documents from HealthPartners summarizing coverage in the HealthPartners Distinctions plans are posted on the County Website.  For the summary of coverage for the plan for those that completed the Healthy Benefits program in 2015 click here.  For the summary of coverage for those that did not complete the Healthy Benefits program in 2015 click here

Important Information about the Healthy Benefits Program 

This year, the County again participated in the HealthPartners Healthy Benefits program.  Employees and spouses covered under the County's HealthPartners Distinctions Plan were invited to take the HealthPartners Health Assessment and then were asked to enroll in and complete one of the designated health promotion programs by September 30th.  If you successfully completed the Healthy Benefits program, you will pay $20 less for office visit co-pays in 2016 than those who did not complete it.  If you have family coverage, and your spouse is carrying HealthPartners Distinctions and is covered under your policy, your spouse must also have completed the Healthy Benefits program for you and your family to qualify for the lower co-pay plan in 2016. 

If you want to check to see if you completed the requirement for the Healthy Benefits program and earned lower office visit co-pays you can log on to .  To log in, enter Ramsey County for company name, and your HealthPartners user name and password. You should see a big green check mark if you have met the requirements.  Questions? Call HealthPartners customer service at 952-883-7800.

Dental Insurance

Ramsey County will continue to offer Delta Dental coverage to employees and families.  There will be no increase in premiums in 2016.  There are no plan design changes for 2016.  

Remember that if you drop dental insurance, or reduce from family to single coverage, you will not be eligible to re-enroll until the first open enrollment after three years.  You can read more about this restriction in the Employee Insurance Benefit Plan Reference Guide.   

Life Insurance

Minnesota Life, with Ochs, Inc. as the plan administrator, will continue as the County's life insurance provider in 2016.  The rates for County-paid Basic Life and employee-paid optional coverage for employees and spouses will remain the same in 2016.  

Minnesota Life continues to offer several attractive features as enhancements to the County's life insurance plan - at no additional cost.  You can read more about these features on page 13 of the Reference Guide.  There is also information on that page about beneficiary designation.

Disability Insurance

Madison National Life, with National Insurance Services as the plan administrator, will continue in 2016 as the long-term disability (LTD) and short-term disability (STD) insurance provider.  There will be no increase in the premiums for either LTD or STD.  Indentity theft protection has been added as a new feature this year at no cost.  You can read more about this on page 16 in the Reference Guide. 

It's a good idea to review your Optional Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability election each year to see that you have adequate income protection; and that for Short Term Disability you have selected an appropriate elimination period based on the size of your sick leave bank.

Pre-Tax Plans

Pre-Tax plans allow you to pay eligible Health Care and Dependent Care expenses with dollars deducted from your salary before taxes are taken out (pre-tax dollars).

  • If you want to participate in the Health Care Reimbursement Program (HCRP) or Dependent Care Reimbursement Program (DCRP) in 2016, you must make an annual election during open enrollment, even if you are already participating in 2015.  Your 2015 election will not carry over into 2016. 
  • Be sure you read through the Cafeteria Plan Reference Guide which contains important information about the pre-tax plans.
  • TASC is the plan administrator for HCRP and DCRP.  Their website is .
  • The maximum annual election for the HCRP is $2,500.  The maximum annual contribution for the DCRP is $5,000.
  • The TASC Card will again be offered for use with the HCRP and for the DCRP.  This is a debit card that can be used to pay for eligible Health Care and Dependent Care expenses at participating providers.  You do not have to submit a claim for reimbursement - the expense will be automatically paid and then deducted from your annual election.  If you already have a TASC card, you will use the same card in 2016 as 2015.  A new card will not be issued.
  • MyCash: In addition to the current reimbursement methods of check or direct deposit, you also have the option of having your reimbursement added directly to your TASC card.  This feature, called MyCash allows you to use your TASC card as a cash card for purchases at any merchant that accepts major credit cards.  New enrollees will automatically have MyCash as their reimbursement method.  Current enrollees will retain their current reimbursement method unless they change the MyCash Schedule in MyCash Manager.  To change your reimbursement method, go to , log-in to MyTASC, and visit MyCash Manager or call TASC Customer Care at 1-800-422-4661.  Click here for more information about MyCash and the TASC card.
  • Reminder: Over-the-counter drugs and medications are not eligible expenses for reimbursement through HCRP, unless accompanied by a physician prescription.  Be sure you take this into account when determining your annual election.  

Long Term Care Insurance - CNA

There is no open enrollment for long term care insurance for 2015.  Employees and their spouses or domestic partners, may enroll or upgrade their benefit level in long term care insurance at any time during 2015 with proof of insurability. 

Important: CNA will no longer be accepting new enrollees after December 31, 2015.  If you or your family are considering enrollment you will need to make application by the end of this year.  Current enrollees will remain covered.  An alternative to this Long Term Care Insurance product may or may not be offered in the future. 

Contact your Department Benefits Representative for further information and an application form.  You can also find information on RamseyNet - Employee Resources/Benefits Information/Employee Insurance, or at Open Enrollment meetings.

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Online Open Enrollment Begins Monday, November 9th.

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