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Ramsey County Employees Affirming their Commitment to Health

Take Charge of your health and create a better life.


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Current Web Posts __________________________________________________________________________________


Book It! 5K Walk/Run set for 5/17/14!

(Posted 3/25/14, by George Hamm)

Calling all runners, walkers, strollers, volunteers and library lovers! The Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries will sponsor the fifth annual Book It! 5K Walk/Run at 9am, Saturday May 17, 2014 at the Roseville Library and continuing around a beautiful course including Roseville Central Park.  Registration forms are available in the ExpLORE newsletter in the libraries, or you can easily register online at!


Staying Active in the Winter Months--Yes, it's still winter in Minnesota

(Posted 12/20/13, by Tamara Oechsle)

In the winter it can be easy to lose motivation with the short and cold days. Although you may want to stay snuggled up in your warm bed, winter shouldn't be a time that your fitness activities hibernate--especially with all of those holiday treats around.  To find out more, go to  [read more].



Healthy Discounts, healthy savings, healthy lifestyle

(Posted 1/25/13, by Tammy Oechsle)

Healthy Discounts is a great perk to Ramsey County employees with HealthPartners Insurance.  This program offers great incentives to save money at local sports and gear shops as well as food and nutrition retailers! Whether you're exploring winter activities or preparing for a more temperate climate this spring and summer, Health Discounts can provide savings, 10-35% or more, on things such as exercise equipment, classes, hearing aids, laser vision, snowboard and ski equipment, biking gear, spa and wellness services and much more.  To find out more information about this great program, and to see the list of area retailers who offer products or services at discounted rates, simply by showing your HealthPartners ID card.  To find out more, go to......


Featured Items ___________________________________________________________

The REACH Team training blog is back!! Check out what 2014 season has in store for you.  Go to REACH Training Blog.

Minnesota Iron Man Bicycle Ride (May, 2014), Couch Potato to 5K Training Program and Book It! 5K Race for the Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries (May, 2014)  Follow hours progress on the blog, and feel free to shoot an email to and let us know what you are up to fitness and health wise this year. 

Share Your Story  Do you have a great personal story of wellness transformation?  Your story could inspire others!  Maybe you have a tale of a successful fitness goal achievement, or a change in personal behavior such as diet change, quitting smoking, or overcoming stress.  REACH would like to hear from you.  If you want to share your story on the REACH website, write up your story and email it to:  We will read your story, possibly edit it for length, grammar and content, and may feature it on our website.  Each of us is a teacher to everybody around us.  By sharing our trials and triumphs, we can inspire others.  To read stories posted by others, go to..............REACH - Share Your Story.

Health Partners Employee Assistance Program

Need help finding a repair service for a household appliance?  Perhaps a plumber, electrician or other certified and reliable professional?  Yes, HealthPartners EAP has a referral network of prescreened service professionals you can use to get a work estimate or book an appointment.

Support is just a phone call away, 24/7.  Health Partners EAP gives you or your household members the support you need any time.  Get one-on-one help from professionals on a variety of issues. For help from EAP, call 866-326-7194 (TTY 800-827-3707) or log onto:  Password: ramsey

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This is YOUR wellness program.  Opportunities to provide feedback, input, testimonials and other information will be provided in multiple channels.   Bookmark this page!  And watch for other information about R·E·A·C·H activities and offerings! 


Want to reach us at the employee wellness steering committee?  Feel free to email us at or by phone at  651-266-2935  to get more information about wellness activities.