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REACH Summer Salad Challenge

REACH is looking for a few good chefs..............

REACH invites you to join our Summer Salad Challenge!  (with a chance to win a great prize). 

Congratulations to our two lucky Summer Salad Challenge winners!  Nancy Ray (Community Human Services) and Linda Kreminski (Lake Owasso Residence).  Thanks to everyone who submitted recipes during the challenge.  We'll keep the recipe list posted as well as the list of healthy ingredients, and we invite you to continue the challenge, pick one of the submitted recipes and give it a try!

Here's a list of suggested healthy ingredients to get you started...........

Cucumbers Swiss chard
Leaf lettuce Citrus fruit
Spinach Mushrooms
Bibb lettuce Scallions
Escarole Garlic
Romaine Sprouts
Cabbage Corn
Bok choy Chives
Choy sum Parsley
Napa cabbage Basil
Carrots Cilantro
Radishes Endive
Green onions Pears
Red onion Grapes
Shallots Melon
Snap peas Celery
Tomatoes Zucchini
Rutabaga Broccoli
Kohlrabi Cauliflower
Berries Potatoes
Green beans Collard greens
Peppers Fresh nuts


Submitted recipes ..............

Here's a recipe to give you an example.........