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Community Human Services Report 2013

CHS 2013 Report to Commissioners, Dec 2014

Report Overview

The Community Human Services Annual Report to Commissioners (57 page pdf) includes 2013 highlights, with an overview of 40 programs provided to Ramsey County residents. 

On an average day in 2013 CHS was serving an estimated 134,000 individuals. The services were measured against five success indicators, such as how CHS addressed racial disparities. CHS provided basic services to several groups:

  • Childrens' services were provided to those who needed protection or with mental illness; youth in the juvenile justice system; youth and children whose families were unable to raise them; and licensing resources for foster care and family child care.
  • Disability services, such as assessments, case management and protection were provided to persons with physical and functional disabilities.
  • Behavioral Health support was provided to people and families who experienced mental illness or chemical dependency; including out-patient treatment, acute care, case management, and residential services.
  • Senior services were provided to people, 65 and over, who needed help; including in-home supports, community support services, and long term care planning.
  • Homelessness Prevention and Shelter coordination was provided for 4,500 people.
  • Financial help was provided to Men, Women and Children with low and modest incomes; including increases in health and financial services, food assistance, medical coverage, and income support.

The final section of the report includes financial information and how $1.651 billion was spent.