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The Mission of the Ramsey County Community Human Services Department

The Mission of the Ramsey County Community Human Services Department is to enhance the quality of life for the people of Ramsey County by providing resources to meet basic human needs, assuring protection for the vulnerable, and assisting in achieving self-sufficiency, all in the most cost-effective manner. Income Maintenance
to provide financial, medical, and self-support services to eligible Ramsey County residents in need of these services. Social Services
to provide essential protective and support services to eligible citizens of Ramsey County in order to assure protection for vulnerable adults, children, and elderly, and to assist persons with disabilities to achieve their maximum level of independence. Mental Health
to provide mental health and chemical dependency services to adults and children in order to assist them in achieving and maintaining their maximum level of health, independence and self-sufficiency. the Ramsey County Home
to provide long-term intermediate and skilled nursing care to adults who, because of illness or disability, are unable to reside independently, in order to sustain life and improve well-being. the Lake Owasso Residence
to provide residential services to persons 16 years of age and older with developmental disabilities, and who may have related conditions, in order to promote each resident's full social, physical, and developmental potential.