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Adoption services help families survive & thrive

651 266 5437  family w teens
Thank you for visiting the Ramsey County Adoption Website. We hope you find answers to your questions about adoption. You may also learn about some of the special youth who are waiting for a family.

We build relationships with community members to find life-long families for children in foster care waiting to be adopted. Hundreds of dedicated families and individuals partner with us to connect children with adoptive families.

Children and teens in foster care are waiting for an adoptive family. These young people are referred to as Waiting Children. They are available for adoption due to neglect, abuse, or abandonment. Without an adoptive family, Waiting Children may spend the rest of their childhood with no family to call their own.               

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Ways to Help

  • Do you know families or individuals considering adoption? Encourage them to contact Ramsey County.
  • Do you go to work, attend a place of worship, or belong to a community organization? Co-host an information session with Ramsey County to help spread the word about Waiting Children and the need for adoptive homes.
  • Host a supply or scholarship drive for Waiting Children in foster care.
  • Are you willing to open up your home to a child or teen part-time? Attend training to provide respite or substitute care for foster youth.
  • Do you know someone who works in the media? Help Ramsey County spread the word about the needs of Waiting Children.