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Adoption Ramsey County's Waiting Children


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Who are the waiting children?

Demographics and characteristics of waiting children

In Minnesota, there are currently 642 children waiting to be adopted. These children are residing in group homes, foster homes, residential treatment facilities, and shelters. Ramsey County has around 144 of those children waiting for a permanent home. Not all of the children are pictured on our website, either due to safety or Ramsey seeking another resource for them.

These children need an adoptive home and continue to wait for a special family like you. The children pictured are all considered SURVIVORS! They have all endured loss, abuse, grief and pain. Some have special needs, due to the behaviors and diagnosis they are labeled with. However, the diagnoses are not always a true reflection of the child, but survival skills and reasonable responses to unreasonable situations. When you read these stories and look at these faces remember, every child deserves a safe and loving home.

Consider adopting older youth

  • You are able to learn about the child’s interests and personalities and match your interests and personality with the waiting child.
  • In most situations, you will be provided with more health and life history of the child, such as developmental milestones, childhood illnesses, skills, talents, etc. This information can help prepare you for your adoption.
  • Depending on their age and abilities, an older child can do things by themselves, such as dressing, bathing, chores, and playing on their own.
  • You are able to interact and do things right away with the child, such as riding bikes, playing video games, going to the movies, etc.
  • There are many older children in need of forever homes. This may mean a shorter wait for you, as well as the rewarding feeling of helping a child find their forever home.

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