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Adult Services Department

Ramsey County Human Services helps adults survive and thrive

651 266 4444 or 291 6795 after hours

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Programs to meet basic clothing, food, housing, health care and safety needs for

            • Seniors
            • Adults who have disabilities
            • Adults with low incomes
            • Adults with chemical abuse or mental health concerns


Cash and Financial Assistance
Eligible residents can apply for social services. There are cash and voucher programs for food, clothing, housing and medical needs.
Learn more     651-266-4444

Chemical Dependency (CD)
Ramsey County has CD services. They include: detoxification, assessments and screening, case management, referrals for treatment, and housing.
Learn more     651-266-7890 (information)     651-266-4009 (detox)

Ramsey County helps people who have disabilities to get support.
More about disabilities    More about intellectual or developmental disabilities         651-266-3613

Food Assistance
People with low incomes can receive help to buy healthy food.
Learn more     651-266-4444

Foster Care and Group Homes
Ramsey County licenses, monitors and supports adult foster homes. We also help people who cannot live on their own to find housing.
More about foster homes     More about licenses     651-266-3613 (intake)     651-266-4258 (licenses)

Guardianship and Conservatorship -Guidelines, Screening and Fees
Learn about the process for deciding if financial help with court fees will be provided (MS Word)  |  (pdf)
See Civil Courts Minnesota District 2 video about guardianship  |  Visit Probate Court Guardianship

The county oversees several health programs. They include: health care funds or medical assistance, education, and health and well-being visits.
More about coverage     More about county Public Health services      651-266-4444

Ramsey County Human Services works with groups to help people who are homelessness. Also see Foster Care and Group Homes.
Learn more     651-225-9354

Mental Health Services
Ramsey County helps when people are in crisis. We also have a mental health center and provide case management and support services.
Learn more     651-266-7890      After 5 p.m. and before 8 a.m., call 651-266-7900

Protective Services
Adult Protection Intake is the Entry Point to report maltreatment of vulnerable adults. This includes abuse, neglect or money exploitation. We also provide case management services.
Learn more     651-266-4012 (intake)     After 5 p.m. and before 8 a.m., call 651-291-6795

We provide assessments for eligible Seniors to determine their needs and strengths. Then we give referrals for community supports or long term care. We also run the Ramsey County Health Center (AKA nursing home).
Learn more     651-266-3613 (intake)

Violence Prevention
Ramsey County Public Health has resources for people experiencing domestic and family violence.
Learn more

Additional Resources

Minnesota Department of Human Services     651-431-2000

Minnesota Department of Health     651-201-5000

Minnesota Disability Linkage Line     866-333-2466

Minnesota Senior Line     651-333-2433