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Adolescent Living Skills Program (ALS)

Ramsey County Human Services helps teens survive and thrive


The Adolescent Living Skills Program (ALS) serves Ramsey County teens and young adults between 14 and 21, who live or have lived in foster care or another out of home placement. A variety of services are offered to help you transition to independent living.

For more Information:


Programs and Resources


Group Meetings

About once a month, we have informal meetings at Wilder Foundation and in the community to have fun and talk about topics that lead to successful independence. Upcoming meetings include getting (and keeping) a job, bank basics and more.       

Information and Tips

If you left foster care, you may still be eligible for some services. Call 651-266-4500 and say, "I was in foster care. Now I am ___ years old and I need services because (briefly explain). Can you direct me to a social worker?"

If you are in the foster system, a Ramsey County transition coordinator can help you set up a meeting with people who you consider to be your circle of support, and who may help you with your goals for the future. Transition Resources, Phone Numbers and more


Foster Club 

This website is for the 20,000 young people who age out of foster care every year. The online resources include contests, planners, higher education resources, blogs and more.