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Ramsey County Community Human Services
Anti-Racism Initiative (ARI)

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ARLT group photoRamsey County CHS Anti-Racism Initiative's Vision for clients & employees 

  • Create a multicultural, anti-racist organization

  • Eliminate race and culture based disparities



Suzy Levy & coworkerWhy we do the work - social history

The 2010 U.S. Census for Ramsey County indicates 33.1% of county residents are people of color. Studies show diverse populations have not had the same access and outcomes for services as traditional social service participants. Ramsey County CHS views racism not as individual race prejudice, bias and bigotry.  Rather, it is the collective actions of a dominant racial group. To dismantle institutional racism, we must understand history, social forces and conditions that underlie the development of RCCHS.
Institutional History (33 pp pdf) | Learn Why RCCHS has an anti-racism initiative  (29 pp pdf)| Learn more - Employee FAQs about Anti-racism   (Word)


antiracism books on table

How you can do anti-racism work

Visit ARLT Resources and Training Materials to see the Anti-Racism Leadership Team's structure and find planning & training (printable) forms for your organization.

How we do anti-racism work - examples      

Organizations and people are at different stages of awareness and action in regard to anti-racism. RCCHS uses a matrix to help supervisors determine types of activities to present. The Strategic Plan, Mission & Goals 2030 (7 pp pdf) are reviewed every year (see ARLT Resources). Learn more-Anti-racism Continuum Matrix (MCARI) (1 page pdf) | Learn More-Steps to Bringing Change K. Waheed (55 p PPoint)


no racism logoLessons learned and outcomes

Since 2001, the initiative has changed the racial and cultural make up of our staff and leadership, bringing multi-cultural views to decision making.
See Looking Back (1990) Moving Forward (2010) Narrative  (6 pp Word) | Looking Back Moving Forward Timeline  (pdf) Learn more - ARLT Accomplishments & Lessons Learned 2005 to 2010 (38 pp pdf)

The anti-racism initiative addresses impacts of race and ethnicity in delivery of human service programs. It has helped to change services and outcomes for people of color who live in Ramsey County.
Learn more from 2011 CHS Annual Report (see pages 119-130 pdf)