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Anti-Racism Training and Resources

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Ramsey County Community Human Services
Anti-Racism Initiative goes beyond Diversity

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You are invited to use these training materials and resources . . .

to bring multicultural views and help eliminate race based disparities in your organization. Since the Anti-Racism Leadership Team (ARLT) formed in 2000, we have tapped into experiences and skills of employees and consultants to do our work.

These resources have been helpful at Ramsey County, but RCCHS does not endorse them. If you use the materials here, please give credit to Ramsey County Community Human Services and others.   Crossroads Anti Racism Organizing and Training, Hackman Consulting, the Minnesota Collaborative Anti Racism Initiative (MCARI), and educator Khatib Waheed have given permission to post their resources. 

Training Materials

Competencies for Anti-racism training: Institutional racism/oppression, communication, knowledge & understanding, and manager leadership
(Competencies Word)  |  (Competencies pdf)
Training Levels: Diversity Awareness, Competence, and Anti-racism Social Justice (Levels Word)  | Levels (pdf)

Training Continuum: Phases I - III Resources  Continuum Resources (Word) | Continuum Resources (pdf)

Internalized Racial Oppression and Superiority (IRS IRO 12 PowerPoint slides)

Tell Me Something Good - questions to discuss (Discussion pdf)


ARLT Planning

ARLT 2030 Strategic Plan (2030 7-page pdf)   |  ARLT 2013 Plan (2013 7-page Word)  | ARLT 120 Day Plan Template (120 fill-able Word)

ARLT Structure and Membership

Membership/Committee Structure (pdf chart)  |  Member Job Description & Application (Application fill-able pdf) | Who Can Be Members? (Members Word) | Recruitment Talking Points (Recruit Word)

Teams Overview (Teams 19 PowerPoint Slides)
What Authentic Dialogue Facilitators Do (Authentic Dialogue Word) | Authentic Dialogue (pdf)
Guidance Principles & Four Agreements (Principles Agreements Word) | Fist to Five Consensus Building  (Fist to 5 Word)

From Crossroads: Racial Identity Caucusing: A Strategy for Building Anti-Racist Collectives

Guiding Theories

Systemic Power Structure & Racism Cubed - Crossroads MCARI 2011 (Power Cubed Word)  | (Power Cubed pdf)

Disparities: Individual, Institutional and Cultural    (Disparities Word)(Disparities pdf)