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Adult Protective Services

Child Protection

Ramsey County Adult Protective Services helps vulnerable adults, their care givers and support persons

651 266 4012 or 291 6795 at night

Elder woman from extension dot org

Who is a Vulnerable Adult?

            • Someone who is 18 or over AND Needs institutional services - lives in a nursing home, hospital, licensed facility such as a group home or foster care OR
            • Needs home health services OR
            • Needs help in caring for and protecting themselves, because they have a physical, mental, or emotional disability

                  If someone is in immediate danger, call 9 1 1


What is Maltreatment of a Vulnerable Adult?


    • Physical or Emotional:  conduct, intended or not, that produces physical or emotional pain or injury
    • Verbal:  Words or gestures that threaten, harass, disparage, or humiliate
    • Sexual:  Violating criminal sexual conduct or prostitution statutes or sexual contact between facility staff person & a resident or client
    • Personal Exploitation:  Forcing a vulnerable adult to perform services for the advantage of another


Failure of a caregiver to provide necessary food, clothing, shelter, health care or supervisions

Self Neglect:

Absence of necessary food, clothing, shelter, health care, or supervision

Financial Exploitation:

    • A person with legal authority makes unauthorized use of the vulnerable adult's resources, resulting in a detriment to the vulnerable adult
    • A person without authority uses the financial resources of a vulnerable adult, regardless of detriment


County Services

Intake - How to Make A Report if you Suspect or Know a Vulnerable Adult is Maltreated 

    • Immediately, call Ramsey County Adult Protection, which is the designated ENTRY POINT for Ramsey county. Call intake at 651-266-4012. If it is after regular office hours, call Emergency Social Services at 651-291-6795. Minnesota statutes require that reports of maltreatment of vulnerable adults be investigated and reported to the state. Note: Reporters' names are confidential and retaliation is prohibited and penalized.

It may be helpful to organize your thoughts and to record the following details:

  • What happened,  to whom,  when,  where and how?
  • Who committed the maltreatment?
  • Is the vulnerable adult still at risk?
    • After you make the report, a process of investigation and protection will begin immediately.
    • You can ask to receive notification of the final investigation report determining whether or not maltreatment occurred.
    • Reporter’s names are confidential and retaliation is prohibited and penalized.


Case Management

Who Can Receive Adult Protection Case Management Services?

Adults who are deaf and hard of hearing - with American Sign Language interpretation

Adults for whom the voluntary delivery system is not working

Adults with minimal or no natural supports

People with disabilities who are not eligible for other case management services

Vulnerable adults for whom maltreatment is being investigated 


MN Dept of Human Resources Adult Protection

Ramsey County Sexual Offense Services SOS  651 - 643 - 3006

Learn how you as a Citizens Advisory Council member, can make a difference for adults who may need protective services.