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Senior Services

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Ramsey County Human Services helps seniors survive and thrive

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We offer information and supports to help people who are over 65 and their families make decisions about how to live safely in the community, or to find a care setting. 651 266 3613

     We provide assessments

     We make referrals

     We provide case management services for eligible seniors

When you select links below, you will be redirected to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, unless noted.  If you do not find what you are looking for, please call the above information number.


County Human Services 

Eligibility for County Services

  • If you receive MN Senior Care Plus (MSC+) or MN Senior Health Options (MSHO), you have a "Managed Care" Coordinator; contact that person.

  • If you are on Medical Assistance (MA) but not with MSC+ or MSHO (managed care), contact your County Case Manager.

  • If you do not have Managed Care through MSC+ or MSHO and are not on Medical Assistance, call our intake workers at 651-266-3613.  We will hear your wants and needs. We will also explain types of services that may be available and review your potential eligibility for services. If you want to apply for services, we will do a phone intake or will mail an application packet to you at your request.

Assessment and Referral

After your application packet is completed, we schedule a free assessment. The assessment, also known as a Long Term Care Consultation (LTCC), is done with a Social Worker or a Public Health Nurse. They meet with you and anyone you wish to include, such as family members. The LTCC team will suggest various community services and programs. If these services are not feasible, they may recommend a care or nursing facility. You must have specific needs and meet income criteria to be eligible for some programs. If you meet the requirements, you and your family make the final decision about services.
Learn More at MN DHS LTCC

Case Management

If you receive Managed Care Services or are already on Medical Assistance, please contact the Care Coordinator or Case Manager that has been assigned to you. Or Ramsey County Human Services will provide a case manager. That person can help you locate, coordinate and monitor community-based services and medical services to meet your needs.

Home and Community "Waiver" Based Services (HCBS)

Alternative Care (AC) funds are for people with modest income and assets, who choose community living rather than a nursing home. 
Learn more at MN DHS AC

Elderly Waiver (EW) funds are for people eligible for Medical Assistance who need nursing home levels of care but choose community living.
Learn more at MN DHS EW

Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) are for persons eligible for AC or EW waivers but who want more flexibility and responsibility in directing supports and services that are unique for them.
Learn more at MN DHS CDCS       Ramsey County CDCS Resources and Forms 

Home and Care Settings for Seniors

  • Remain Safe at Home with home and community based services. These supports help ensure a person's health and safety needs while living in the community, including one's own home. During the intake interview, we will explain some options, including customized living services, adult day care, home maker, meal, caregiver support and transportation services, waiver services and more.

  • Group Home Settings include traditional foster care, corporate foster care (also known as group homes) and more. Some of the assisted living options are available for seniors with low incomes.
    Learn more Ramsey County Foster Care

  • Ramsey County Care Center (formerly called Ramsey Nursing Home) in Maplewood is an option for people who cannot live in the community because of their nursing needs. We have long-term and short-term, transitional care options.
    Learn more Ramsey Care Center

  • Relocation Services are for people who live in nursing homes but want to return to a community setting.

Ramsey County Government Programs

Adult Protection In Ramsey County: 651-266-4012

Burial assistance - call the "Burial Specialist" at 651-395-1637
Burial Assistance for Ramsey County Veterans  651-266-2545

Guardianship & Conservatorship Ramsey County screening process to decide if financial help with court fees will be provided.
(Screening MS Word) | (Screening pdf) |  MN Probate Court site  |  Watch a MN Probate Guardianship Video

Ramsey County Cash & Food Assistance  651-266-4444

Ramsey County Health Care Money Assistance

Ramsey County St Paul Public Health  651-266-2400

State of Minnesota and US Government Programs for Seniors:

A -Z Directory of Senior Services
Learn more DHS Information for Seniors

Consumer Support Grants (CSG) provide funds every month for persons with low-incomes who need support to live in the community.
Learn more at MN DHS CSG

Managed Care Programs for Seniors help people on Medical Assistance (MA) who must enroll in a delivery plan for their MA benefits.
Learn more at MN DHS Managed Care

Minnesota Board on Aging has a searchable database page at Minnesota Help.
Learn more Minnesota Board on Aging

Minnesota Department of Human Services
Learn more at MN DHS

Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) helps seniors combine their health programs and Medicare into one managed health care option, such as Minnesota Senior Care (MSC).
Learn more MSHO

Minnesota Senior Linkage Line  has a database of services and supports as well as real people answering phones and finding answers (one may get voice mail to start - leave a message).
Learn more Minnesota Help  |  1-800-333-2433

Nutrition Programs
offer healthy food choices from Community Dining to Meals on Wheels and Supplemental Nutrition (food stamps).
Learn more MN DHS Senior Food

Prescription Drug Options (RxConnect tm) help people make decisions about buying their medicine.
Learn more about RxConnect at Senior Linkage at 800-333-2433