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Parents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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1. How do I file a complaint?

Providers are required to give parents written information detailing their Grievance Policy, as well as the Policies and Procedures for Reporting Abuse, Neglect and Complaints. Any complaints should be directed to the Licensing Social Worker for the Family Child Care Provider.

2. Who must be licensed?

Anyone caring for more than the legal unlicensed limit must have a license. The legal limit is defined as “children related to the provider, and children from one unrelated family”.

3. Can I find out if there are any complaints against a licensed provider?

The results of any Substantiated Rule Violations are public information. Public information also allows for disclosure of the number of children the provider is licensed to have in the childcare, and how long the provider has been licensed.

4. Can I find out what is on a licensed provider’s background study?

The law considers this private information and therefore is not available to the public.

5. Who do I call to find out if someone is licensed?

You may call 266-3781 to reach the Ramsey County Family Child Care License (FCCL) Unit, or check the Department of Human Services website for an interactive list (by county) of licensed program. Use the “CVS” list to sort providers by specific criteria (i.e., by name, address, city, etc.).

6. Who do I call if I suspect someone is operating childcare without a license or is caring for too many children?

Contact Ramsey County FCCL Unit Intake Worker at 266-4166 about suspected unlicensed care. If you know the home is licensed but have concerns regarding the number of children present, contact the Ramsey County FCCL Unit at 266-3781 to be referred to the provider’s Licensing Social Worker.

7. What should I look for in a provider?

Think Small offers support to parents looking for a Licensed Family Child Care Provider. It is important to thoroughly interview any prospective provider, and ask for parent references. Consider your family’s individual needs and make a list of qualities, values and expectations you have of any provider prior to an interview.

Be sure to call the Licensing Unit and ask to speak to the prospective provider’s Licensing Social Worker to check the public information on a provider’s record. This includes the class and capacity of the license, and any history of substantiated rule violations or negative actions taken against a provider’s license.

8. How many children can a licensed provider have in care?

The most common license allows a provider to care for up to 10 children under the age of 11. Additionally, there are limits of the number of children younger than school age under all license capacities. Specific information regarding enrollment limits may be directed to the Licensing Social Worker.

9. What if I need help to pay for childcare?

You may contact Ramsey County Human Services Child Care Payment Unit at 266-4019 for information about childcare assistance.


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