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Ramsey County Child Care Providers

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Licensed Child Care with Family Providers

Are field trips allowed?
What about pets?
Learn answers to these and 6 other popular questions.
FAQ for childcare


Health and Safety


Important Notice: Fees to recover background study costs (up to $100) AND licensing ($100 - 200) must be paid 15 days prior to the end of your current license date. If the fee isn't received on time, the licensing worker WILL NOT SUBMIT LICENSING RECOMMENDATION TO DHS. The license will be closed. Learn more about re-licensing fees 

License Report Memos

2012 HS Legis Fam Lic Summary.pdf | 2013 Child Care Legislative Changes 

June 2012 DHS Memo Variance for child age distribution; swimming and wading pools; children's mental health training; crib and yard tent recalls; and sanctions for infant sleep violations.

Minnesota Child Care Assistance Program

This program helps to pay childcare costs for low-income working families. Families currently receiving MFIP services who wish to apply for Child Care Assistance should call the Ramsey County Child Care Unit at 651-266-4019. 

  • Financial Assistance Families who don't receive government financial assistance can contact Think Small to apply for child care assistance.



  • CPR / First Aid:
  • Minnesota Child Passenger Safety: 
  • Minnesota Licensed Family Child Care Association  MLFCCA

  • On-line or At-home Study
    • On-line or at-home training will only be approved for 4 hours each year, with the exception of the “Eager to Learn” on-line training program.
    • Food program training is considered at-home study. The licensing unit will not count “training” during 20 minute visits with food program representatives toward the required licensing training hours. At-home nutrition study courses with guides and self-assessments may be counted toward the 4 hours of allowed at-home study.

  • Substitute and Assistant Caregiver Requirements Training Requirements

  • SIDS / Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS), visit Think Small (non-profit organization)


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