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Disability Services

Disability Services Home       BI CAC CADI      CDCS       Developmental Disabilities        Senior (disability) Services

Ramsey County Human Services helps people survive & thrive

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2 women using ASL 651 266-3613Ramsey County provides services to 6,000 people with disabilities.  Home & Community Based Waiver Services (HCBS) help people with disabilities live safely & as independently as possible in the community.  HCBS are among our most requested services:

          • Alternative Care for seniors (AC)
          • Brain Injury (BI)
          • Community Alternative Care for people with chronic illness (CAC)
          • Community Alternatives for people with physical disabilities (CADI)
          • Elderly Waivers (EW)
          • Intellectual, Developmental & Related Disabilities (IDD)

Assessment and Referrals

When you contact Ramsey County Community Human Services (CHS) Assessment at 651-266-3613, request an intake interview. We will interview you and your family to assess your needs and strengths. Then we work with you and other agencies to coordinate services you choose.

Case Management

Case managers help people locate and coordinate daily living, medical, social, and vocational services and supports to meet one's specific needs and strengths.

Financial and Health Services

Ramsey county helps administer Federal, state and local funds for people who live at home or in the community. To be eligible for some services, you must have or be eligible for Medical Assistance. Services include: Grants and Waivers; In-Home Family Supports; Respite Services; and Personal Care Assistant Services.

Consumer Support Grant (CSG)

Consumer Support Grants provide funds every month for persons with low-incomes who need on-going support to live in the community.
Learn more about CSG at MN DHS

Family Support Grant (FSG)

The FSG provides cash grants up to $200 dollars per month, which may help prevent or delay out of home placement and increase access to services. To be eligible, you must be certified as having a disability, be under 21 and live in your biological or adoptive home. Your family must be below a certain income
Learn more about FSG at MN DHS

Home and Community Based Waivers  (HCBS funds)

HCBS Waivers provide federal and state funds to people with disabilities for home and community services. Services may be at your own home, a family or a relative’s home, in a traditional foster care home, or in a corporate foster care home. 
Learn more about HCBS at MN DHS     Ramsey BI CAC CADI    Ramsey/I/DD     Ramsey Seniors

Consumer Directed Community Supports CDCS is an option for people who are on HCBS Waiver Programs. CDCS gives you more flexibility and responsibility to direct your services and supports. This includes hiring and managing direct care staff.
Learn More about CDCS at MN DHS         Ramsey County CDCS Forms and Resources 

Medical Assistance

MA is a publicly funded, health care program for people with low and moderate incomes.
Ramsey County MA information 651-266-4444           Learn More at MN DHS MA

Medical Assistance for Employed Persons with Disabilities is a work incentive that promotes competitive employment and the economic self-sufficiency of people with disabilities. It assures access to Medical Assistance for necessary health care services.      Learn more at MN DHS MA-EPD

TEFRA is for children with disabilities whose parents have too much income to qualify for other Minnesota Health Care Programs or who qualify, but the cost would be too high. Ramsey County TEFRA information 651-706-1476          Learn more at MN DHS TEFRA 

Personal Care Assistance

Personal care assistance services help you with day-to-day activities in your home to allow you to be more independent in your home and the community. PCAs help with activities of daily living, health-related procedures and tasks, observation and redirection of behaviors and instrumental activities of daily living for adults. PCA services may be available to eligible people on Medical Assistance.
PCA Help Line 266-2522    Learn More at MN DHS     Learn About Assessments at Ramsey Public Health

Housing and Residential Services  

Accessible and Affordable Housing

Housing Access Services (HAS) -  HAS helps you seek and locate suitable, affordable, and accessible housing, if you qualify for Medical Assistance Home Care or "waiver" services.
Contact The Arc of Minnesota to get started     651-523-0823 Ext.101
Watch Circles of Support, a 12 minute video   |   Watch HAS Movers, an 8 minute video

Housing for people with disabilities is available in Minnesota.
Learn more at Disability Minnesota

Foster Care

Adults who cannot live independently may live in foster care. Ramsey County CHS licenses, monitors and supports traditional style and corporate foster homes with 24 hour a day supports.
Learn more about Ramsey County Foster Care


People who live in nursing homes and want to return to the community can have free consultations. Community Neighborhood Housing Services (CNHS) provide services and programs to St Paul and surrounding  communities' residents. Services include budget counseling, loans for home remodel or purchasing and more.
Learn more at CNHS    651-292-8710

Transportation Survey Results

Are you an adult who has a disability, or do you know an adult with a disability or special needs who uses transportation to travel to and from work, to shop, access recreation or entertainment activities, or to see friends? Recently, we posted a survey conducted by the Ramsey County Citizens Advisory Council for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities. See results below:
Revised transportation survey summary (pdf) | Revised Transportation Survey Summary (Word)

Vocational Services

Ramsey county residents with disabilities who receive case management services may be referred to state or local agencies for job skills.
Learn more at MN Dept of Employment and Economic Development - Disabilities Division


Community Activities East Metro 

Low cost and free activities for people with and without disabilities occur throughout Ramsey County.

Community Bridge Consortium offers affordable programs for adults with developmental disabilities. Locations: Cottage Grove, Maplewood, Oakdale, Roseville, White Bear Lake and Woodbury | 651-748-5434

Forest Lake Community Ed has social & recreation activities for adults with disabilities -Transportation for a fee. | 651-982-8303

Highland Friendship Club has activities for people with developmental disabilities, their families and friends. Locations throughout St Paul - Transportation for a fee through Highland Links| 651-698-4096

Jewish Community Center offers inclusion for people with disabilities in all programs. Club Kulano teaches life skills to teens and young adults with intellectual disabilities. Location: 1375 St Paul Avenue in St Paul | 651-255-4772 (Inclusion and Accessibility Coordinator)

Metropolitan Center for Independent Living has several classes and events that support and teach skills to people with disabilities. Their goal is to promote self-directed lives and independent living. Location: 1600 University Ave at Snelling in St Paul | 651-603-2028

St Paul Community Education Community Cultural Center (CCC) and Community Leisure Education and Recreation (CLEAR) provide activities for adults with developmental disabilities at Bridge School, 360 Colburn in St Paul | 651-293-5272 or 5196

Supportive Experiential Education (SEED) has weekly activities for adults with mental illness at Riverside Education Center,  900 Albion in St Paul | 651-228-3655

St Paul Parks & Rec has adaptive recreation activities from bingo to dances, field trips and more. Locations: Eastside, Frogtown, Highland, Midway, Phalen, Rondo and Westside rec centers - Transportation for a fee. | 651-793-6635

Other Resources

Disability Benefits 101 has tools to help people determine how working may affect disability and health benefits.   1 866-333-2466 
Learn more at DB101

Minnesota Centers for Independent Living offer education, supports and more.     651-646-8342
Learn more at MCIL

MN Dept of Health Directory has Agencies with services for immigrants & refugees. Ramsey County's are on pp 14-21.
Learn more at MDH Directory

Minnesota Disability Linkage Line is an answer and referral service.     1 866-333-2466
Learn more at Minnesota Help

Ramsey County Protection Units offer entry point intake for children and vulnerable adults.
Learn more Adult Protection 651-266-4012|   Learn more Children's Protection 651-266-4500

Ramsey County Cash and Food Assistance for low-income residents     651-266-4444
Learn more at Ramsey FAS

Ramsey County Department of Public Health     651-266-2400
Learn More at RC DPH

Social Security has starter kits to prepare for disability interviews and applications     1 800-772-1213
Learn more at SSA Starter Kit

This information is available in accessible formats for people with disabilities by contacting CHS Accessible Web .