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Child Foster Care

Foster Parents Make a Difference

mom and sonThe children and teens in foster care are culturally diverse. They come from all areas of the county. Our most popular need is homes for teenagers and sibling groups.

Ramsey County licenses, monitors and supports foster homes.  We cannot license homes outside of Ramsey County. If you live outside of this county, check with your local department of social services for information. More About Being a Foster Parent

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent,
please call 651-266 KIDS (5437) and press "1"


Foster Care Training

Child Foster Care Licensing Orientation and Training Rules of Attendance


  • Registration is required for orientation and training sessions.  Please call 651-266-5437 to register.
  • Please note that participants arriving 15 minutes beyond the start time of the training or orientation session may not be allowed attendance. 
  • Cancellation Policy:  If school and after school activities are closed due to inclement weather, our training/orientation is cancelled also.
  • Cancellations for reasons other than the weather will be posted on the Ramsey County Child Foster Care web page.  And, on the Child Foster Care phone registration line.
  • Children are not allowed to attend the training or orientation session(s).

New Providers

newApril - June Foster Care Intro and Orientation Schedule (pdf) | April-June Foster Care Intro Schedule (Word) | To learn more or register call 651-266-5437

Ramsey county offers 3 mandated classes and 12 pre-service modules for new Families. You must attend the Introduction and the Orientation BEFORE attending new provider classes.
New Provider Class Descriptions  | To learn more or register call 651-266-5437 Training phone number: 651-266-4123

On-Going Training and Resources 
Next Session: Nuts and Bolts |  April 28, 2015 | 6-8 p.m. at Bigelow Building 

Mandated Child Passenger Restraints/Car Seats 2015 Schedule (pdf) | Passenger Restraints Schedule (Word)

Attending mandated and recommended trainings help you retain your foster care license.
new April - June Ongoing Training Schedule (pdf)| April - June Ongoing Training (Word)Class Descriptions | Printable Brochure  (pdf) | Training phone: 651-266-4123

Online On-Going Training

For 24/7 Children's Mental Health training, visit The Children, Youth & Family Consortium  AND

  • Select and Watch a Video
  • Write a Summary (include title, brief summary & how it may apply to your role as a foster parent)
  • Turn it in to your foster care worker as part of your annual mandated training

    Foster Care Provider Resources

    Adolescent Living Services

    Ramsey County ALS helps teens and young adults (16-21) who have been in foster care to transition to independent living.
    Learn more ALS

    Adopting Foster Children

    Ramsey County helps adults make Permanent Connections with children and teens in foster care who are waiting to be adopted.
    AdoptionLearn about Waiting Children & Teens

    Educational Training Vouchers 

    The ETV programs provide money to eligible teens and young adults who attend college. Help may include tuition and books; room and board; computer; transportation; childcare costs and more. The Minnesota Department of Human Services administers this program and sets application deadlines. For more information, visit the DHS ETV website.

    MN DHS Foster Care Resources

    The Minnesota Department of Human Resources provides helpful information at their websites.
    Learn more   |   Application Form  |   Supplementary Fact Sheet

    National & Non Profit Organizations

    Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties offer FREE money management and consumer protection classes. Bigelow Building - 450 Syndicate Street North, St Paul. Learn more about CAP classes

    Family Matters Relatives and kin interested in being a foster parent can learn more from this 18 page booklet. Learn about Parenting Kin

    Safe Sleep recommendations "Safe to Sleep" stresses that the same practices that reduce SIDS will prevent deaths caused by sleep related suffocation, asphyxia and entrapment. Safe Sleep Brochure  |  Q & As from the MN SIDs Center

    Learn more about Foster Care Organizations


    Contact Foster Care to learn more about Ramsey County Foster Care, call our intake number at 651-266-5437, or e-mail: Include your name, home address and a phone number where we can reach you between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.