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Behavioral Health Services - Chemical Dependency

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C D info 651 266 4008Ramsey County helps people who have emotional or behavior problems, related to drug or alcohol abuse.


    Services for eligible residents include:

  • Detox
  • Petitions for commitment
  • Assessments
  • Referrals
  • Case management


402 Univ Ave E

We provide connections to services and resources that will put you on a path to healing. Contact us for help in a crisis, to get an assessment, or to get help finding on going chemical health and addiction services.

Detoxification services at 402 University Avenue East, are provided for adults and teens, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Ramsey County detoxification center is a sub-acute residential facility. We provide safe, medically assisted detox and stabilization for people who are intoxicated or having withdrawal symptoms.
Our services are person-centered. We promote integrity and respect for everyone in a non-judgmental, welcoming setting. There are separate dorms for men and women.
Ramsey Detox Bridge to Wellness (pdf) | For admission, call 651 - 266 - 4009.

Pre-petition Screening is provided for people who are petitioned for civil commitment. The Court may determine that someone’s mental illness or chemical dependency causes them to be a danger to themselves or others. A person under civil commitment may be treated in a community or state hospital. Or they may have intensive, community-based care during this time of acute need. For more information, call 651 - 266 - 7890.

Chemical Use Assessments and Referrals to Chemical Dependency Treatment and other Services
The Chemical Health Unit provides drug and alcohol assessments for Ramsey county residents. The Unit also serves as an access point for State-licensed, chemical dependency services. After the assessment, we may refer people who are chemically dependent to Group Residential Housing or other community programs. To qualify for public funding, a person must meet State income guidelines AND clinical eligibility guidelines. For more information, call 651 - 266 - 4008.

Case Management
Case managers offer information and referral, service coordination, and crisis intervention.  Case managers make assessments to determine needs. The client, family members, and other professionals can give input. After the assessment, case managers arrange, coordinate and monitor services. They may recommend community outreach as an alternative, or in addition, to other chemical dependency treatment. Case managers provide some services directly.

Co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders resources
About 60% of people experiencing mental illness also have addictions to alcohol or drugs. Research shows the need to treat co-occurring disorders through integrated treatment. For an assessment, call between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Please call 651 - 266 - 4008.
Dual Co occurring Recovery CORe (pdf)   |  Rule 25 Assessment Application (pdf) | Rule 25 (word)

Client Eligibility and Fees

Ramsey County Chemical Dependency Services are available for Ramsey County residents.

  • Chemical use assessments are offered without a fee for eligible residents. Or people pay a sliding fee, which is based on income and number of dependents.

  • Treatment services are available for qualified individuals. The person must meet both State income and clinical eligibility guidelines for free public funding.

  • Temporary Group Residential Housing may be available at no charge for eligible people who are chemically dependent.

  • Prospective clients with pre-paid health coverage should consult their health plan about chemical health services and coverage.
Learn how you as a Citizens Advisory Council member, can make a difference for people who face alcohol and drug abuse problems.