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Disability Services for People with Developmental Disabilities

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We help people with disabilities survive & thrive

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About developmental disabilities

651 266 3613
People with developmental disabilities have IQs below 70 or related disabilities, such as autism. They 
happen at birth or before age 22.


How to get County Services

Assessment and Referrals

When you contact Ramsey County Community Human Services (CHS), ask for an "intake interview." We will interview you and your family to assess your needs and strengths. Then we work with you, other agencies and schools to coordinate services you choose.

Case Management

Case managers help you locate and coordinate services to meet you and your family's needs. Typical services include social and daily living activities; medical coordination; consumer directed supports; and transition (16-22 years of age).

Transition Services

A Case Manager who specializes in transition addresses your concerns. Challenges include: turning 18; moving from children to adult services; new resources; adult living; job services; and guardianship. Schools help with transition at age 14 until you leave public schools. A team coordinates County and School services. Ramsey County Court Fees Help (pdf) | Ramsey County Court Fees Help (MS Word) | Ramsey Guardianship Brochure (pdf) | Watch MN Probate Guardianship video (34 min) | Visit MN Probate Court

Financial Support Services

We help administer funds for people to live at home or in the community. To be eligible for some services, you must receive or be eligible for Medical Assistance. Services include: Grants and Waivers; In-Home Family Supports; Respite; and Personal Support Services.

Family Support Grant (FSG)

The Family Support Grant funds up to $200 dollars a month to families of children with IDD or related conditions. A FSG may help you live in your home with special services. You must be certified as having a disability, be under 21 and live in your biological or adoptive home. Your family must be below a certain income.

Developmental Disability and Related Conditions Home and Community Based Waivers (HCBS)

Intellectual, Developmental or Related Conditions (IDD/RC) HCBS Waivers are funds for people with IDD or related conditions. Services may be at your home or a relative’s home, in traditional foster care, or at a corporate foster care home. Waivers help you and your family find services to meet your needs and wants. They must be cost-effective. Call 652-266-3613 to get started. 
Basic reading level List of Services |  List of Waiver Services (pdf)   |  MN DHS


To be eligible for IDD/RC waiver services, you must meet all these criteria:

  • Be eligible for or receive Medical Assistance (MA)
  • Have intellectual/developmental or related disabilities
  • Be diagnosed as likely requiring care levels usually given in Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF), for persons with developmental or related disabilities (ICF/DD)
  • Choose Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), instead of living in an ICF

Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS)

CDCS is an option for people on IDD/RC Waivers. CDCS gives your family flexibility and responsibility for services and supports. This includes hiring and managing direct care staff. Learn More about CDCS at MN DHS  |  Ramsey County CDCS Forms

Medical Assistance

MA is a publicly funded, health care program for people with low and moderate incomes.  There may be spend downs (like insurance deductibles). MA may pay medical bills going back 3 months from when you apply. MN DHS decides eligibility by age, income, and assets. Their website has on-line application forms. Learn more at MN DHS  | Ramsey County Financial Assistance Services   FAS 651-266-4444

TEFRA Medical Assistance for children with disabilities
TEFRA is for children whose parents have too much income to qualify for other health programs. Or they may qualify, but the cost would be too high. Ramsey County administers TEFRA. Learn more at MN DHS  |  Ramsey County TEFRA  651-706-1476

Housing and Residential Services

Foster Care
Ramsey County licenses, monitors and supports traditional and corporate foster homes for vulnerable adults. The homes have 24 hour a day supports. Learn more Ramsey County Foster Care

Lake Owasso Residence (LOR)
LOR is operated by Ramsey County with volunteer and family involvement. LOR has 24 hour a day supports for 64 adults with IDD. Learn more Lake Owasso Residence

Semi – Independent Living Services (SILS)
SILS support adults with disabilities to be as independent as possible. Apply for SILS through Ramsey County worker. Services include: money management, meal preparation, shopping, and personal development. To be eligible, a person must be:

    • 18 years of age or older
    • Diagnosed with IDD or a related condition
    • Unable to function independently without SILS
       Learn more at MN DHS SILS

Habilitation, Vocational and Volunteer Services

Licensed programs help people increase daily living and job skills. Most offer volunteer and community activities. Types of programs:

    • Adult Day Care
    • Day Training and Habilitation (D T & H)
    • Employment and Alternative Services 
    • Senior/Retirement Daytime Services
    • Supported Employment

Ramsey County Employment Services (pdf) | Learn more MN DEED | Learn more at DB101

Employment First Initiative (EFI)
EFI promotes jobs for people with disabilities. Learn more EFI | Ramsey County EFI progress

Popular Resources

Arc Greater Twin Cities - Arc TC helps people with IDD & their families. Services include advocacy, parent & sibling groups, health, housing & jobs workshops & more.  952-920-0855

Autism Society of Minnesota - AUSM offers advocacy & resources for people on the autism spectrum & their families.  651-647-1083

Disability Linkage -  Disability Linkage is run by the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living. 1 866-333-2466

Down Syndrome Assn of Minnesota - DSAMN has information & support for people with Down syndrome & their families. 651-603-0720

Institute for Community Integration - University of MN-ICI has research, training and resources to improve services for persons with IDD and other disabilities. Learn More - Questions to Ask Providers

Life Pages Life Pages helps people find information and socialize in the community. 651-866-0225

Minnesota Children and Special Health Needs (MCSHN) Information and Assistance Line -MCSHN helps families find resources to meet special needs. It's free and confidential. 651-201-3650

Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities - The Governor's Council promotes independence, self-determination, and inclusion for people who have IDD. 651-296-4018

Pacer Center - Parent Advocacy Coalition for Education Rights has programs and training to enhance the quality of life for children and young adults with disabilities. 952-838-9000

Ramsey County Protective Services Adult       Ramsey County Protective Services Children
Protective Services helps children and vulnerable adults, their care givers and support persons when neglect, abuse or exploitation is suspected. Adults 651-266-4012  -  Children 651-266-4500

Selective Services Registration – All men, 18 & above must register for potential Armed Services Draft. Readiness to serve is considered.

Social Security Administration(SSA) Disability Starter Kit - You can apply on line for benefits. A kit helps you get ready for your interview or online application. Kits are available for adults and children. 800-772-1213

Special Olympics Minnesota - SOMN offers sports, health and leadership programs for people with intellectual disabilities. Some programs match athletes with IDD to volunteers without disabilities. 612-333-0999

St Paul Parks & Recreation - SPP&R Adaptive Recreation has affordable programs for children and adults with disabilities. It also offers community integration activities with general programs. 651-793-6635

STAR - System of Technology to Achieve Results helps people access Assistive Technology resources. 651-201-2640

YOU as a volunteer Citizens Advisory Council member can make a difference for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.