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Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS)

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Ramsey County Human Services helps people survive and thrive 

Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) gives people more flexibility planning their services and supports. This includes hiring and managing direct care staff. It also gives people more responsibility. CDCS may include standard goods and services. CDCS may also include services that are designed to provide specific, needed supports to participants.

woman signing formsConsumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) is optional for people who receive Home and Community Based Waivered Services. CDCS waivers include:

          • Alternative Care (AC)
          • Brain Injury (BI)
          • Community Alternative Care (CAC)
          • Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI)
          • Developmental Delay and Related Disabilities (DD)
          • Elderly Waiver (EW)

new Most CDCS Recipients receive a 1% increase, effective April 1st
Complete an addendum for use and approval

CDCS Eligibility

CDCS is available to someone who already receives Alternative Care (AC) or waivered services, or who meets all of the criteria for each program.

  • The person must meet financial requirements for AC or Medical Assistance (MA).
  • An authorized professional must assess and indicate the person needs a level of care that institutions provide. Examples include: nursing homes, hospitals or immediate care facilities.
  • The person needs AC or waiver services and supports to live in the community.
  • There is no other payer for AC or waiver services.
  • The Community Support Plan reasonably ensures the person's health and safety.
  • Some programs have more criteria, such as specific diagnoses.

How to start or renew CDCS

A Ramsey County case manager does an annual assessment. Then they write a plan listing the participant's strengths and needs. It also includes goods and services to meet the needs. A budget is determined. The plan and budget help people determine the support they need and the amount of money they have to meet their needs. Ramsey County has community meetings to assist people who want to develop and carry out CDCS plans.

The CDCS participant writes and submits CDCS forms for approval. If it is too difficult for a person or their guardian to complete the forms, a certified support planner can do it for them. The planner can also help if changes need to be made later in the year. To find a support planner, contact your case manager. Or type the words, support planner in the search box at Minnesota help.

The case manager and the Ramsey County CDCS coordinator review the forms, including the community plan. When the plan is approved, the participant hires a fiscal agency (FSE). The FSE does payroll duties, pays for approved goods and services and gives the participant monthly spending reports. The person's CDCS funds also pay for the FSE and support planner services. To learn more about how CDCS works see, MN DHS CDCS Booklet #4124 (4 page pdf *).

What is allowable?

The State has guidelines that explain which expenses are allowed and not allowed. They can be found in the Lead Agency Manual (124 page pdf *). Ramsey County's manual includes most CDCS information needed to complete a plan. 
Ramsey County CDCS Policy RCHS 3603  (19 page pdf *) |  Ramsey County CDCS Policy RCHS 3603 (19 page MS Word) The basic requirements are listed below.

Criteria for allowable expenses (expense must meet all of the criteria)

  • Must be required to meet the identified need and outcome in the Community Support Plan and assure their health, safety and welfare; AND
  • Goods and services collectively provide a feasible alternative to an institution; AND
  • Be the least costly choice that reasonably meets the person's identified needs; AND
  • Be for the sole benefit of the person who receives CDCS.

Goods and Services also must be reasonably necessary to meet one or more of the outcomes listed below

  • Maintain the ability of the person to live in the community.
  • Enhance community inclusion and family involvement.
  • Develop or maintain personal, social, physical or worker related skills.
  • Increase the independence of the person.
  • Increase the ability of unpaid family and friends to get the training and education needed to provide support.

CDCS Support Plan (CSP) Forms * 

CAC, CADI and BI Waivered Services

Community Support Plan MN DHS 4166 (fillable 25 page pdf) This link opens a new tab outside of Ramsey County.
CDCS Participation Agreement RCHS 3597 (pdf) | CDCS Participation Agreement 3597 (Fillable Word) - Use RCHS 3597 with 4166

IDD Developmental Disabilities Waivered Services - Rule 185 Compliant

new CDCS Community Support Plan - MN DHS 6532 (fillable 9 page pdf) This link opens a new tab outside of Ramsey County.

Supplemental CDCS Forms *

Addendum Form RCHS 3601  (pdf) | Addendum Fill-able Form RCHS 3601 (Word) 

CDCS Budget Worksheet with Formulas (Excel)

CDCS CSP Checklist for Case Managers 3598 (pdf)  |  Check List for Case Managers 3598 (Word)

Habilitative Outcomes (pdf)

Health and Safety Plan (Risk mgt) (Word)

Physician Alternative Treatment Form (MN DHS #5788 as pdf) This link opens a new tab outside of Ramsey County.

Physician Special Diet Diet RCHS 3599 (pdf)  |  Physician Special Diet RCHS 3599 (Fill-able Word)

Property Destruction Questions RCHS 3609 (pdf)  |  Property Destruction Questions RCHS 3609 (Fill-able Word)

Sample Job Description and Hours RCHS 3600 (pdf)  |   Job Description and Hours RCHS 3600 (Fill-able Word)

For questions about Ramsey County CDCS, please contact your case manager or the CDCS Coordinator. For more information about CDCS, visit the MN Department of Human Services
* A free Adobe Reader can be downloaded to read and enter information on .pdf files Some DHS pdf files can be printed only and cannot be saved on your computer.