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Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS)

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Ramsey County Human Services helps people survive and thrive 

woman signs formsConsumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) is a choice for people who receive Home and Community Based Waivered Services. CDCS gives people more flexibility to plan for services and supports. It also gives you more responsibility. This includes hiring and managing direct care staff. CDCS may include services and items that provide specific, needed supports. CDCS waivers include:

          • Alternative Care (AC) and Elderly Waivers (EW)
          • Brain Injury (BI)
          • Community Alternative Care (CAC)
          • Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI)
          • Developmental Delay and Related Disabilities (IDD) 



Be informed! Make sure to attend a CDCS training each year, so that you can use the funding appropriately and know the new options available. If you are new to CDCS, you must attend a training.


CDCS Eligibility and Process to Apply

You may be eligible if:

  • You have Medical Assistance (MA)
  • You have a Home and Community Based Waiver
  • You live in the community (not a residential facility or foster or group home)
  • You have not exited your waiver this year (such as in a hospital for more than 30 days)
  • You have not been convicted of public assistance fraud
  1. Contact Ramsey County and ask to be assessed for a Home and Community Waiver (aka Long Term Care Assessment). The phone number is 651-266-3613.
    A case manager determines your needs, which results in a $$$ amount (set by the State).
  2. When you get your budget, you need to complete a Health & Safety plan and a Community Support plan (CSP) about you and your needs. Use this website to download the MN DHS Plan, or ask your case manager to give directions and forms to you. The case manager cannot write the plans. If it is too hard to complete the forms, a support planner can write them for you.
  3. The case manager and the Ramsey County CDCS coordinator review the forms. When the plan is approved, you hire a fiscal agency (FSE). The FSE does payroll duties, pays for approved goods and services and gives monthly spending reports to you.

To learn more about how CDCS works see MN DHS CDCS Booklet #4124 (4 page pdf *)

What is allowable?

Ramsey County's policies and directions include most of the information you need to complete a plan (CSP).
County CDCS Policies RCHS 3603 (PDF)
The State has guidelines for Case managers and agencies in the Lead Agency Manual (124 page pdf *).
Basic CDCS requirements in Ramsey county are listed below.

  • Must meet the needs and outcomes that are in your Health and Safety and Community Support Plan
  • Must be the least costly choice that reasonably meets your needs
  • The item or service must enhance or maintain your ability to live in the community


CDCS Community Support Plan (CSP) Forms 

CAC, CADI BI and IDD Waivered Services CDCS Plan

CDCS Community Support Plan - MN DHS 6532 (pdf fillable 9 pages) This link opens a tab outside of Ramsey County.

Health & Safety Risk Mgt Plan (RCHS 3633) (Word 4 pages)

Guide to Complete CSP RCHS 3632 (pdf 10 pp) | Guide to Complete CSP RCHS 3632 (Word)


Supplemental CDCS Forms

 Addendum Form RCHS 3601 (pdf) | Addendum (changes) Fill-able Form RCHS 3601 (Word) 

 Check List for Case Managers RCHS 3598 (pdf)  |  Check List RCHS 3598 (Word)

Habilitative Outcomes (pdf)

Physician Alternative Treatment Form (MN DHS #5788 as pdf) This link opens a tab outside of Ramsey County.

Physician Special Diet RCHS 3599 (pdf)  |  Physician Special Diet RCHS 3599 (Fill-able Word)

Property Destruction Questions RCHS 3609 (pdf)  |  Property Destruction Questions RCHS 3609 (Fill-able Word)

Sample Job Description and Hours RCHS 3600 (pdf)  |   Job Description and Hours RCHS 3600 (Fill-able Word)

For questions about Ramsey County CDCS, please contact your case manager or the CDCS Coordinator. For more information about CDCS, visit the MN Department of Human Services

* A free Adobe Reader can be downloaded to read and enter information on .pdf files Some DHS pdf files can be printed only and cannot be saved on your computer.