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2016 Fall Internships

Thank you for your interest in an internship with the Ramsey County Community Human Services Department (CHS). 

CHS is committed to supporting the educational development of our community’s future workforce through student internship placements.  Our interns are students enrolled at a post-secondary school in coursework relevant to the duties of the department.  Interns may be completing under graduate, graduate-level or practicum requirements. 

All CHS internships are unpaid and non-benefit earning, and are coordinated through the Volunteer Services office.

Applications will be accepted for the following placements until filled.

Current Openings

Click here to apply 

Please NOTE: We recommend that you first read through the application questions and assemble your information before beginning.  You may want to draft any text field answers in a word processing program and copy/paste your answers into the spaces provided.  Please note that once you submit your application, you will not be able to access it or change it.  You should PRINT a copy of your application for your own records prior to submitting it if you want to keep your own copy.

Upon completion of the on line application, email a copy of your current resume to:

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Contact Us

To request additional information please contact us:

Ramsey County Community Human Services
Volunteer Services Unit
160 East Kellogg Boulevard, Room 9800
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101-1494
Phone: 651-266-4090
Fax: 651-266-4439