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Youth Engagement Program (YEP)

Ramsey County Y E P team helps kids survive and thrive

24-hour Crisis Response 651-266-7878


We work with families of children & teens who regularly skip school or have a history of running away

6 smiling women 4 smiling men 7 Y E P staff smiling
YEP staff assess needs for youth who run away and/or regularly skip school. To resolve family or mental health issues that contribute to running away and truancy, we provide various services:

              • Case Management

              • Referrals

              • Resource Information


County Services - How it works

  • Usually, schools or someone in the justice system refers a child or teen to Ramsey County. The intake number is 651-266-4500.
  • If we determine the family is eligible for YEP services, a case manager is assigned. Our direct phone number is 651-266-4118.
  • We meet with family members and give suggestions for programs and resources that can improve school attendance, find permanent homes and avoid more court actions. We offer support as long as the child or teen and their family need our services.
  • We keep in contact with the school or other referring agency.
  • If someone is not eligible for the Youth Engagement Program, we will refer the family to another Ramsey County or other agency program.

  • Learn WHY this program was started in 2013. Learn Why (pdf) | Learn Why (MS Word)


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