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Foreclosure Pathfinder

There are two types of foreclosure actions in Minnesota, foreclosure by action and advertisement. 

1.  Foreclosure by advertisement is the default method of foreclosure and does not involve court proceedings.  The lender must take steps as set forth in Minnesota Statutes Chapter 580.  Requirements include sending out delinquency notices, notices for counseling and prevention programs and Power of Attorney and Notice of Pendency.  After the sale, most borrowers will have a six month redemption period, where they have the right to occupy the house and payoff the mortgage and all fees. 

2.  Foreclosure by Action involves the court and usually occurs when there are extraneous issues  such as a "no power of sale" clause, defects in the mortgage or when the borrower is evading service of foreclosure. 

Minnesota Foreclosure Law:

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Foreclosure Resources:

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