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Ramsey Nursing Home Foundation

Ramsey Nursing Home Foundation Logo



To improve quality of life by ensuring financial resources for resident centered programs and services.




Nurture and grow our legacy through building financial relationships to support the Care Center Vision, which is to create an environment where individuals are respected, choices are honored and innovation is valued.





A few activities the Foundation supports which improves the quality of life for the residents include:

  • Explore and implement programs 
  • Purchase home-like items and specialized equipment to assist residents in achieving and maintaining their highest level of functioning
  • Upkeep and maintain the bird aviary
  • Pay for Chaplain Services


Fundraising Efforts


Our annual events include the Care Center Summer Golf Event, Memorial Day Pride Drive, and Holiday Light the Tree event.


More information about these events .



Our Supporters


Built dollar by dollar, the Ramsey Nursing Home Foundation exists thanks to the many heartfelt donations from current and former residents and their families, as well as the generosity of the surrounding community. Thank you to all who have made this foundation viable.



Become a Supporter!


You may support the RNH Foundation by contributing to any of our Fundraising Efforts!


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Board of Directors

Val Anderson
Former Family Member

Co-Vice President
Judy Gerten
Former Employee - Nursing


Co-Vice President
Sharon Remore

Former Ramsey County Employee


Marion Handt
Former Resident Family Member