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About Us

The Ramsey County Care Center (formerly Ramsey Nursing Home) has been serving the community since 1854.  We are built on commitment to our residents and their families.  We appreciate the uniqueness of our residents and provide options for their individual lifestyles.


Honoring individuality through quality service with compassion, respect and dignity.


To create an environment where individuals are respected, choices are honored and innovation is valued. 


Our commitment to basic family values such as hard work, respect and service to others is more than a business philosophy – it is a tradition.

Since the 1800’s these values have been a part of everyday life for the seniors we serve. By listening and responding to our customer’s needs throughout the years, we have proudly earned an excellent reputation and become a leader in the industry for our dedication to quality care and service.

The key to providing quality care to residents is building strong, trusting relationships between the individual resident, family members and staff. In addition to our focus on quality care, Ramsey County Care Center believes in the importance of improving quality of life for our residents.


A warm, caring, and confident staff meet the needs of the individuals we serve by:  

  • preserving dignity 
  • nurturing the spirit 
  • encouraging independence 
  • celebrating individuality

The first measure of success is our strong desire to help others, provide personalized care and to focus on strengths.

State and Federal regulators recognize our success every year with their evaluations of Ramsey County Care Center and its compliance with State and Federal standards and regulations. Families also express their high satisfaction with care and services on the annual customer satisfaction survey. We continue to measure our success by the quality of the individual relationships we build with our residents, family members and community. 


Our center is designed to accommodate residents with varying healthcare needs. Utilizing a resident-focused team approach we provide individual attention to the unique needs of each resident. This approach is designed to maintain the independence and dignity of our residents.

We have many services to meet the needs of our residents, including our skilled rehabilitation program, which is customized to meet the needs of each resident as they progress through their recovery.

Learn more about:

Long Term Care

Transitional Care


We are conveniently located near Aldrich Arena on White Bear Ave in a residential setting.