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In a public health emergency, everyone will want accurate information.  We work with community partners to distribute important and accurate information before and during public health emergencies.

Community partners include:
Places of Worship
Civic Organizations
Community Groups
Neighborhood Block Clubs
Community Centers
Local Schools

What would Public Health provide community partners in a public health emergency?
· Accurate and timely information in the event of a public health emergency
· Presentations and outreach materials to community partners, as requested
· Updates on issues and topics surrounding public health emergency preparedness

What would be expected of community partners in a public health emergency?
· Provide Public Health basic information about your community organization (name, address, contact person, service population).
· In the event of a public health emergency, provide public health information to group/community members/clients by posting signs, distributing handouts, issuing newsletters, or by other methods that are familiar to their community.

How would Public Health communicate with community partners in a public health emergency?
· Information would be provided by e-mail (or fax) to the contact person.  In addition, there would be resources available on the Public Health website during a public health emergency.  
· If electronic communication is not possible, telephone calls and in-person visits may take place.

How can I find out more information? 
Contact askPH.

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