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Medical Reserve Corps | How to Sign Up | Orientation & Training | MRC Partners & Resources | Return to Health Emergency Information

When you sign up for the Ramsey County Medical Reserve Corps you become a known and identified professional resource. You will:

  • Know when you’re needed and be told what you’re needed to do
  • Be pre-credentialed and not show up at an emergency site only to be turned away as another well meaning, but unknown volunteer.
  • Learn about local emergency procedures and build on your established expertise. or develop new skills.

Register today:

  1. Visit MN Responds 
  2. Click "online registration" and follow instructions. (If you are unable to register online, you can complete a paper registration and mail to Ramsey County Medical Reserve Corps)

    Ramsey County Medical Reserve Corps
    Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health
    90 West Plato Boulevard, Suite 200, Saint Paul, MN 55107

  3. Within a few days you will receive confirmation that you have been accepted
  4. You will then receive emails regarding orientation and other core trainings required by the MRC for volunteers

Questions | 651.266.2400