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How can I participate in readying my community for a public health emergency?

The Medical Reserve Corps
Offers training and activities to help others during a public health emergency.  The MRC is a way for health professionals and support staff to efficiently and effectively respond to a health emergency.  MRC 


Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
Many communities in Ramsey County have a CERT group.  This citizen group trains community members to respond to a local emergencies and support disaster relief efforts.  CERT teams are encouraged to promote emergency preparedness in their communities.  CERT

Emergency and Community Health Outreach
Provides health information to residents with limited English.  ECHO welcomes  both financial and creative support.  ECHO

Talk to your City or St. Paul District Council about other ways you can participate in preparing your community for an emergency.  Many cities in Ramsey County have Volunteer Fire Departments, Block Clubs and Neighborhood Liaisons.  Stay connected.  Know your neighbors, you can help each other in an emergency.   City | St. Paul District Council


Your community needs you. 


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