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Prepare. | Practice. | Participate.

Emergencies Happen, often when least expected.  Tornadoes
ravage neighborhoods.  Storms down electrical lines. 
Waterborne illnesses bring sickness.  The future could hold
additional challenges to public health such as pandemic
influenza, meningitis, or tuberculosis outbreaks.  

How can I prepare myself for a public health emergency?

Know what to collect.   
Collect supplies for an emergency supply kit, including water, non-perishable food, a radio, and necessary medical supplies.  There are specific supplies that may help your family in a public health emergency, like pandemic influenza. 
List of Emergency Supplies (pdf) | Supply List by FEMA 

Know how to connect.
Create a communication plan that will help you connect with your family in the event of a public health emergency.  Fill out an emergency assistance card for every family member and carry a copy at all times.  
Emergency Assistance Card (pdf) | Spanish Emergency Card (pdf)


Know what to expect.  
Learn about potential disasters, knowing about potential threats that you may experience will help you become prepared. 
Public Health Emergencies

Where can I find out more information?

There are many agencies working to prepare individuals for all types of emergencies. 
Department of Homeland SecurityAmerican Red Cross


For information in other languages. 
Emergency & Community Health Outreach (ECHO) 

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