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phoWhat is the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)?
Medicines, antitoxins, vaccines, surgical supplies and other medical supplies are a part of the United States’ Strategic National Stockpile (SNS).  The SNS was created by the federal government for use in large public health emergencies.  The SNS is broken down into components known as Push Packages (Push Packs).  The Push Packs are located in secure locations and are deliverable to anywhere within the US in 12 hours.

How would the SNS support the work of an emergency response? 
In the event of a wide-spread disease outbreak, a terrorist event or a significant natural disaster, Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health might need additional medical equipment and supplies such as vaccines and medications.  The SNS provides quick, efficient access to a large reserve of resources. 

How would the SNS get to Ramsey County?  
The governor of Minnesota would request the delivery of the SNS to Minnesota after consulting with local public health agencies and the Minnesota Department of Health.

How would I get medical supplies from the SNS?
If the SNS were delivered to Minnesota, Saint Paul – Ramsey County Public Health would set up Points of Dispensing (POD) to efficiently dispense medication or administer vaccine to the community.

Will the medicine cost me money?  
Medicine dispensed in response to a local, state or national emergency is free.

Why couldn’t I go to my doctor? 
When a disease outbreak occurs in a community, the private health care system is often busy taking care of those who are most ill.  The public health department helps doctors in clinics and hospitals by dispensing medication or vaccine at specific locations to healthy people to prevent illness.


Antitoxin:  A toxin is a poison.  An antitoxin is a medicine that fights the negative effects of a toxin.

Disease Outbreak:  A sudden increase in disease occurrence in the community.

Push Package:  A push package is a wheeled container that includes boxes of medical supplies, medicines, surgical supplies and other supplies.  A push package can be rapidly moved from a warehouse and loaded on to trucks or airplanes.

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