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Medical Reserve Corps | How to Sign Up | Orientation & Training | MRC Partners & Resources | Return to Health Emergency Information

Commonly during disasters, many people try to be of assistance but are turned away because there is no quick way to integrate them into a system already in crisis.  The Ramsey County Medical Reserve Corps (RCMRC) is a countywide resource of health volunteers who strengthen our community by preparing for and responding to local public health emergencies. The RCMRC trains people in advance and integrates them within existing emergency preparedness and response structure to support the system when a disaster strikes.

What do Medical Reserve Corp Volunteers Do?
Ramsey County Medical Reserve Corps volunteers have administered vaccinations at public health H1N1 influenza vaccination clinics, staffed the Family assistance center in Minneapolis after the 35 W bridge collapsed, interviewed victims of the Minneapolis tornado seeking assistance at the service center, conducted interviews and assessments at community sheltering operation exercises and critiqued decontamination procedures at area hospitals. MRC Overview icon:  video

Who Should Join?  
Anyone interested in helping their community respond to a public health emergency and willing to commit time necessary to learn about local emergency response systems.   While a background is the field of health is helpful, it is not required; volunteer opportunities exist in a number of areas:

  • physicians
  • nurses
  • nurse practitioners
  • EMTs
  • pharmacists
  • dentists
  • nursing assistants
  • lab personnel
  • health educators
  • respiratory care specialists
  • social workers
  • mental health professionals
  • veterinarians 
  • other health professionals and support staff
  • retirees and students are encouraged to join

Interested in Joining?
Begin the process today.  How to Sign Up

More Information
Ramsey County Medical Reserve Corps is coordinated by Saint Paul - Ramsey County Public Health. | Frequently Asked Questions (pdf) | Medical Reserve Corps