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PH Logo Family Health Home Visiting


The Family Health Home Visiting Program serves at-risk Ramsey County families who are pregnant or parenting children up to age 6.

The following groups are the target populations served:

  • Pregnant and parenting women at risk for poor birth outcomes or lack of adequate parenting skills
  • Families with children birth to 6 years old with risk for neglect, or intentional or unintentional injury
  • Families with children birth to 6 years with developmental delay or at risk for developmental delay

    In addition, the highest priorities include:

    • Pregnant or parenting teens
    • First born baby in USA, with additional risk criteria
    • Postpartum women with complications
    • Documented or high risk for injury or neglect
    • Developmental delays or concerns
    • Chemical abuse
    • Domestic abuse
    • Concerns with level of competency
    • First time breast feeding mothers
    • Babies born with adverse birth outcomes or having feeding difficulties

    Program activities are directed toward promoting the health and well-being of pregnant and parenting families, enhancing parent/child interaction and attachment, promoting healthy child growth and development, promoting effective child spacing; preventing childhood illness, unintentional injury and abuse; and promoting health care access, self-sufficiency and positive parenting.  

    Home Visiting Teams

    • Pregnant and parenting teens
      • The Adolescent Parenting Program and REACH Teams provide public health home visiting to pregnant and parenting teens.  In addition to providing services based on the specific health and parenting needs of the teens and their children, public health nurses, social workers, and health education parenting assistants also partner with a multidisciplinary team that includes county financial assistance workers, child care assistance staff, school personnel, and other community resources to develop case plans directed toward promoting school or GED completion.
    • Refugees
      • The International Team specializes in providing culturally competent public health nursing services to refugees.  Public health nurses educate new arrivals in understanding American health care and accessing the health care system.  Public health nurses work closely with interpreters and paraprofessional health educators to provide service to primarily African and Southeast Asian families.
    • Geographically oriented teams
      • The East and West teams visit families throughout Ramsey County. These teams visit a wide variety of families including Hispanic families living in Ramsey County.

    Referrals for public health nursing home visits come from clinics, schools, social service providers and other organizations.  Although we are unable to provide services to families with medically technical needs, we can help families find appropriate services.

    Referrals may be made by contacting Healthy Families Intake:
    phone: 651.266.1568