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So Many Rules - So Little Time! 
Do you need some help understanding the hazardous waste rules and how they affect your business?  Would you like assistance in meeting your hazardous waste training requirements?  We offer free hazardous waste training to increase your familiarity with the rules and help you identify waste reduction opportunities. 

photo of general training

General Hazardous Waste Training
If you need a better understanding of the fundamentals of managing hazardous waste or are looking for a refresher course, this is the training for you.  Our general training sessions are usually held in June and December.  Topics include:

        • Hazardous waste identification and evaluation
        • Container management and storage requirements
        • Preparedness and prevention 

For more information on general hazardous waste training, AskEH.

Industry Specific Hazardous Waste Training
These training sessions are geared towards particular industry groups, such as labs, auto body shops or printers, and their associated waste streams.  This type of training is usually held twice a year; dates and times can change dependent on the industry.  Session highlights include:

  • Focused overview of the hazardous waste rules
  • Presentations by industry representatives 
  • Specific waste reduction ideas

For more information on industry specific training, AskEH.

Customized On-Site Training (limited to Ramsey County businesses) 
We want to help your business meet its hazardous waste training requirements.  Working with you, we'll develop hazardous waste training that's designed for your site, your wastes, your training needs.  And, we'll present the training to your employees at a time and location that's convenient for you!  What's more, the program's cost is included in your license fee!

  We've covered a range of topics, including

  • What makes waste hazardous?
  • How do I manifest shipments of hazardous waste?
  • What are the storage requirements?
  • What can I expect from a hazardous waste inspection?

Several companies have already taken advantage of this great opportunity.  Contact us today to schedule your training session.

For more information on on-site training, AskEH.

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