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Your  business is required to keep records about your hazardous wastes.  These records must be kept on-site and be available for inspection.

Required Records - Keep these records for at least 3 years 

  • Initial license applications and license renewal application
  • Manifests and land disposal restriction notices (if required) 
  • Analytical and other test data
  • Weekly inspection logs
  • Recycling receipts for used oil, used oil filters, sorbents, lead-acid batteries, universal wastes, and wastes taken to a VSQG collection site 
  • Training documents (kept for 3 years from the last day the employee works for you)
  • Feedstock or byproduct documentation

Recommended Records  

  • Documentation showing how you determined a potentially hazardous waste to be non-hazardous
  • Correspondence regarding your hazardous wastes
  • Telephone log of calls regarding hazardous waste management
  • Certificates of Destruction or Recycling
  • Spill or clean up records

Useful Forms for Recordkeeping

For tips on record keeping 

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