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Selecting a hazardous waste transporter  
Hazardous waste generators are responsible for their wastes from "cradle to grave".  Think about these things when you are choosing your transporter.

  1. Figure out what you need.  You should know types and amounts of waste, types of waste containers, how often you will ship, and the location of the destination facility.
  2. Look at the list the MPCA has compiled of transporters to narrow your selection.
  3. Research your transporter.  Hire a transporter with a good reputation and working knowledge of the Hazardous Waste Rules.  Select a few companies and ask them detailed, specific questions.  Proper permits or registrations, driver training, container markings and labels, waste loading procedures, placarding and manifesting requirements are all areas that responsible companies are familiar with.

Choosing a hazardous waste facility    
Your company is ultimately responsible for its hazardous waste, so give careful consideration to the facility you will use.  If at all possible, have someone visit the facility to look at their waste handling procedures.  If you can't visit, contact the facility's regulatory agency to talk to an inspector.  Lastly, talk to the facility's representative.  Ask them questions about their waste acceptance policies, timelines for shipments, waste handling and management practices, and safety records.

For tips on waste disposal

Manifesting Shipments of Hazardous Waste    
A manifest is a specialized shipping document.  With a few exceptions, it accompanies all shipments of hazardous waste.  It provides documentation of shipment and disposal – a “cradle to grave” record of what happened to your waste -  from the time it left your site until it reaches its final destination.  Tracking your hazardous waste ensures that the waste is managed properly. 

Instructions for filling out manifests are provided with the manifest.  Even if your transporter or facility fills in the information for you, it is your company’s responsibility to make sure that everything is accurate.

Your transporter will leave you with copies of the manifest.  Keep one copy onsite for a minimum of three years.  Within 5 days of shipment, you must mail a copy of your manifest: Large Quantity Generator (LQG) and a Small Quantity Generator (SQG) to MPCA and Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQG) to the Hazardous Waste Manifest Program.  If your facility is located outside of Minnesota, send one copy to that state’s regulatory agency, if required. 

You should receive a copy back from the facility within 35 days of shipment.  Make a copy of this and mail it to the appropriate agency.  If you don't get a copy back, call the facility about your shipment.  Notify the MPCA if you don't have a copy from the facility in 45 days.

For tips on manifesting shipments of waste 

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