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PH Logo Bed Bug Habits


Signs of Bed Bugs   
Bites (photo) – some people get itchy red welts, but 1 of 4 people younger than 65 and half of people older than 65 DO NOT react to bed bug bites.
Fecal spots (bed bug poop - photo) – pinpoint black spots
Casts (photo) – shed skins
Live bugs (photo)

Where They Hide 
Mattress, box spring, bedding, bed frame, headboard, baseboard, night stand, electrical outlet cover, phone jacks, picture frames, peeling wallpaper, couch, recliner, any small crack or crevice and near where people sleep or rest.

How They Spread 
They hitch a ride on clothes, bags, furniture, and other belongings.  
They can get into walls and move between rooms.
They walk across floors, walls and ceilings.
Bed bugs DO NOT jump, fly or attach to skin. 

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