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PH Logo Controlling Bed Bugs Yourself


The best choice for controlling bed bugs is to hire a pest control company. There is little to no chance you will get rid of all the bed bugs in your home without hiring pest control.

If you do not have the money to hire pest control, there are steps you can take to cut the number of bugs in your home. 

Physical Removal
Vacuum up any bugs you see.  
Use the crevice tool to get in small areas where they may hide. 
When you are done, seal and throw away the bag. 
If you have a bagless vacuum, wash the bin in warm soapy water.

No vacuum? 
Use a card (credit card, business card), putty knife or a narrow spatula and run it behind the baseboard (photo), or other places that bed bugs might hide.  This will chase out hiding bugs. 
Or, you can use a hair dryer set on "hot" to force the bugs out. 
When they come out, pick them up with clear tape. 
Wrap them in the tape and throw away.

Wash any clothes that may have bed bugs on them. 
Use the hottest setting the fabric can take. 
If an item cannot be washed, one full cycle in the dryer on high heat will kill bed bugs.   

Clean the bed frame and remove bed bugs.
Pull bed/couch away from the wall
Encase the mattress and box spring (photo).
Do not let bedding touch the floor or walls. 
Get bed bug interceptors for bed/couch legs (photo).
Wrap tape around furniture legs, sticky side out.

Over the counter sprays kill bugs on contact. 
They only work if the spray touches the bug. 
There are also dusts that can be used to treat bed bugs.
Always follow the directions on the label.  The label is the law! 

Products that DO NOT WORK on bed bugs: Bug Bombs/Foggers, DEET, Boric acid, Moth Balls, Kerosene

EPA Alert - Any bug spray will not work.  Buy a product that says it is for bed bugs.

Online Products
Read the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) before you buy pesticide products online.
Not all states have the same laws for pest control products. 
If you buy a product online, it may not be legal to use in or ship to your state.

Pesticide Safety
University of Minnesota, Extension | National Capital Poison Center (1.800.222.1222)


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