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PH Logo Dispose of Infested Mattress/Furniture


photo: bed bug infested mattress & furniture - photos by Rob Elliott/Swizzle Studio, L. Sorkin, David P. James, IHATEBB - Flickr and Erik Wilson

Bed bugs on mattresses and furniture:

If you have bed bugs…
Are you sure they are bed bugs? 

DO NOT throw out your mattress or furniture…YET.  It will NOT solve the problem.  The bed bugs are not ONLY in the bed.  You may be able to encase the mattress.  Other furniture may be able to be treated.  Ask a pest control company

To encase a mattress:
Remove all bed bugs and eggs.
Use a vacuum if you have one. 

Do not forget to seal and throw away the bag when you are done.  Bagless vacuum: take the bin out and clean with hot soapy water.

No vacuum?  Use tape to pick up any bugs or eggs you find. 
Wipe off the mattress with a product approved for bed bugs, such as Steri-fab.  
Make sure the product is SAFE to use on the item in question.  Always follow the label directions.

Put the encasement on.  Make sure the zipper is zipped all the way and there are no spaces for a bed bug to get through.  If in doubt, use a piece of tape to seal it up.  Inspect often for signs of bed bugs.

IF you MUST get rid of an item with bed bugs:
NEVER give away or sell an item that has bed bugs.  Bed bugs are often spread when people pick up items left on the curb. 

What to do BEFORE you move an item with bed bugs to the curb:

Make the item unusable before you wrap it up.  For a mattress, cut both sides.  For upholstered furniture, cut cushions open.  Furniture and box spring frames can also be broken to keep people from taking them.

Wrap the item in heavy duty plastic.  Seal it with tape.  Write “bed bugs” on it in very large writing. 

Call your waste hauler.  Ask for pick up of a large item.  Tell them it has bed bugs.  Put it out right before the  pick-up time.  There will be less chance anyone else will take it home.

If you buy a new mattress before the bed bugs are gone they will infest it.  An air mattress may be a cheaper option until the bugs are gone.  

If you choose to buy a new mattress, and the store will deliver; do not let them haul the old one away unless you let them know it has bed bugs.

DO NOT buy or accept a used mattress or furniture unless:
You inspect the item for bed bugs first. 
Look for signs of bed bugs: fecal spots (bed bug poop - photo) | casts (photo) – shed skins | live bugs (photo) or eggs (photo).

MN law does allow companies to renovate old mattresses.  Material that is reused must be sanitized.  When you buy a mattress, check the tag.  It may be remade, not new.  Buy a remade mattress at your own risk. 

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