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Diagnosing Bed Bug Bites
Bed bug bites can look like other insect bites or rashes.  An exam alone is not enough to diagnose a bed bug bite.  There must also be evidence of bed bugs in the home. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) will identify bugs sent by a doctor (651.201.5414).  Need help identifying bed bugs?

The best treatment for bed bug bites is to get rid of the bed bugs.  Bed bug bites usually resolve on their own.  Topical corticosteroids and oral antihistamines (available in local pharmacies) are often used to relieve the itching associated with the bites.

Other Health Effects of Bed Bugs
Sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety, secondary infections from scratching bites, anemia, delusional parasitosis - Minnesota Department of Health | delusional parasitosis - University of California

Health Care Facilities
Regularly inspect lounges, exam rooms, waiting areas or other places where people sit or rest. 
Train staff to know the signs of bed bugs. 
Research, Prevention and Monitoring in Hospitals and Long-term Care Facilities

Journal Articles and Medical Resources
Bed Bugs: What the General Practitioner needs to know | Bed Bugs and Clinical Consequences of their bitesJAMA patient page | Ramsey County Public Health Nurse Bed Bug Guidelines

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