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PH Logo Hiring a Pest Control Company


Hiring a Pest Control Company

Why should I hire a pest control company?  Can’t I do it myself?
Bed bugs hide very well.  The chance you could find and treat all bugs on your own is very low.  Also, pesticides can be a danger to your health.  Some products for bed bugs can only be applied if you have a license. 

Common mistakes in home use of pesticides:

The wrong product is used
Too much product is used
Products are not used in the right place

Safety first! Pesticides can be dangerous if not used properly.
Questions to Ask of Pest Control Professionals (pdf)

Where to Look for a Pest Control Company
Internet, referrals from friends, family or co-workers, phone book, Better Business Bureau  

Both the pest control company and pesticide applicator (PA) must be licensed.   Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) offers an online license lookup.  Or, you can call 651.201.6000.
Keep looking if…
  The phone number is not listed or not working.
  They give a high pressure sales pitch.
  They are in a hurry for you to sign a contract.
  They say they are endorsed by the MDA or other state agency.
  They cannot or will not answer your questions.
  They want to treat your home before they inspect it.

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