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PH Logo Identifying Bed Bugs


Call a pest control company for assistance when identifying bed bugs. 
A pest control professional can identify the bug in question, inspect your home, explain your options and provide follow-up services.   Questions to Ask Pest Control Professionals (pdf)
If calling a pest control company is not an option for you, you can identify the bugs other ways.

Ramsey County Residents (free):

In Person
Ramsey County Master Gardener
Public Health/Environmental Health DOES NOT accept bed bug samples.

By Mail
Ramsey County Master Gardeners
2020 White Bear Avenue
Maplewood, MN 55109

bug identification sites - BugGuide | What’s That Bug?

Residents outside of Ramsey County: 

By Phone
Contact your county extension office

bug identification sites - BugGuide | What’s That Bug?

Collect a bug sample
Tools: flashlight, gloves, tweezers, clear tape, paper and one of the following: narrow spatula, putty knife, card or hair dryer.
Check places where bed bugs hide.  Use the flashlight if needed.
Look for signs of bed bugs – fecal spots, casts or bugs.
Use a narrow spatula, putty knife, card or hair dryer to chase them out of hiding.
Use tape or tweezers to pick it up.

Prepare a bug sample for identification. 
Tape the bugs to a piece of paper with clear tape.
Or, put them in a leak proof plastic jar with some isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.
A few bugs are better than one.
Try not to squash them too much.
Do not bring or mail live bugs.

If you DO have bed bugs, hire a pest control company to get rid of them.  If you cannot afford pest control, there are some control measures that may help lower the number of bugs.  There is little chance you will get rid of them on your own. 
For more information on Hiring a Pest Control Company | Controlling Bed Bugs Yourself

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