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Prevent bed bugs = 0$
Catch bed bugs early = $
Ignore bed bug reports = $$$$$$$$$$

DO NOT move tenants with bed bugs to a new unit.
DO NOT tell tenants to throw items out. 
DO NOT hire cheap pest control.

  Be open to reports of bed bugs.
  Have a plan for bed bug reports (ID, Inspect, Monitor, Prepare and Treat.)
  Train staff on bed bugs.
  Post bed bug info in common areas.
  Include a bed bug clause in the lease.
  Give tenants bed bug info at lease signing.
  Make tenant duties clear.
  Work with pest control. 

  Inspect units for bed bugs between tenants.
  Share bed bug info with staff and tenants.
  Seal up cracks, crevices, baseboards and outlet covers.
  Buy a vacuum and/or steamer for tenant use.   

Pest control
  Hire a professional that has dealt with bed bugs before. Cheap does not mean good.
  Inspect units on either side, across the hall, above and below. 
  Give tenants time to prepare for pest control.
  Elderly or disabled tenants may need help.  Offer to assist them to get help from family or friends.
  If the pest control professional says to throw items out, dispose of items the proper way.  
  Provide plastic and tape for tenants if items need to be sealed prior to disposal.

National Center for Healthy Housing - What's working for bed bug control in multifamily housing

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