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Before you sign a lease, ask the landlord...
Has a citation been issued for bed bugs?  If so, ask for a copy of the inspection order.
Does the landlord have a bed bug plan?  
If a unit has bed bugs, are the units around the infected unit inspected?  Above, below, on either side and across the hall? 

Before you sign a lease... 
Inspect for signs of bed bugs (live bugs, fecal spots, casts)
Do not rent a unit in a building you know has bed bugs.
Know your tenant duties and rights.

Read your lease, there may be a bed bug clause.
Report bed bugs to your landlord RIGHT AWAY. 
Do as told to prepare for pest control. 
Comply with follow up.


By law in Minnesota, the landlord has to keep the unit:
1) Fit to live in.
2) In reasonable repair.
3) In line with state and local health and housing codes.

Are you having a dispute with your landlord about bed bugs?  HOME Line may be able to help.  Metro area: 612.728.5767 | Greater MN: 1.866.866.3546

What can you do if you have bed bugs?
Report the bed bugs to your landlord.
Try to find the source – do not bring any more in.
DO NOT throw out your furniture or mattress - YET.   It will not solve the problem.  Not even if your landlord tells you to.  Only throw items away if a pest control company says you must.  Then dispose of items the right way.
Follow the directions of the pest control company. Preventing Bed Bugs | Controlling Bed Bugs Yourself
If your landlord does not act – file a complaint with the city
It is against the law for a landlord to harass you or try to get back at you for a bed bug report.

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