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Bed bugs are not a souvenir you want to bring home!  
Learn tips to enjoy 
Bed Bug Free Holidays.

Check for bed bugs any time you stay away from home. 
Hotels, motels, B&Bs, cruise ships, homes of friends and family

Plan Ahead
Check for reports of bed bugs at hotels and motels | Bed Bug Registry 

Check In
Leave bags in the car while you inspect the room. 
If you bring bags into the room, put them on a table top or top of the dresser while you inspect. 
Where to inspect: mattress, headboard, luggage rack, chairs.
Look for live bugs, fecal spots and casts. 
Leave clothes in a closed suitcase on the luggage rack or hang them up. 

If you wake up with bites or find live bugs, report it right away. 
Ask for a new room. 
Ask the hotel to wash your clothes and have a pest control pro inspect/steam clean luggage.
If the hotel does not address the problem, file a complaint with the city. 

If you find bed bugs when you stay with family or friends, don’t avoid the topic.  Bed bugs will not go away if you ignore them.  Tell your host what you found (bites, bugs, casts, fecal spots).  Show them and tell them you think they may have bed bugs. 

Check Out
Inspect your bags before you leave.  Look close at the seams, zippers and pockets. 
Put luggage in plastic bags before you put it in your car. 

Back Home
Inspect bags before you take them in the house.  Wash and dry clothes right away.  Use the highest temperature the clothes can take. 

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