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Food Establishments
A food service establishment is any location (except churches) or vehicle where food is prepared, offered, or served to the public with or without charge.  Serving food to the public normally requires a Ramsey County license.
Starting a Food Establishment | Temporary Food Service Establishments | Plan Review Process | Food Safety | FAQs About Inspections | Restaurant Complaints

Hazardous Waste (HW)
Businesses that generate, treat, store, dispose or recycle hazardous waste must have a Ramsey County license and follow certain management standards.
Hazardous Waste | Licenses | Fees and Invoicing | Storage | Disposal | Emergency Planning & Response | Training Requirements | Recordkeeping | Ordinance | Business Waste Assistance Program

Lead Window Program
Ramsey County, with its partners, is addressing lead paint hazards in local neighborhoods by assessing lead risks and replacing deteriorated windows in homes that are occupied by young children, who are most at risk for lead poisoning. 
Lead Window Program (pdf) 

Lodging & Camps
Lodging establishments, including hotels, motels, lodging houses and resorts, and youth camps, including children's camps, normally require a Ramsey County license.
Lodging & Camps 

Manufactured Home Parks
Manufactured Home Parks are defined in the Ramsey County Manufactured Home Parks and Recreational Camping Areas Ordinance, and typically include manufactured homes and recreational vehicles.  A Ramsey County license is normally required.
Manufactured Home Parks

Pre-Demolition Inspection Program
The pre-demolition inspection program, created in 2008, addresses the need to identify, remove and properly manage hazardous materials prior to building demolition.
Pre-Demolition Inspections | Building Removal and Renovation | County Environmental Charge (CEC)

Swimming Pools
Swimming pools are defined as any structure, chamber, or tank containing an artificial body of water for swimming, diving, relaxation, or recreational use.  This typically includes all public indoor and outdoor swimming pools, wading pools, diving pools, spas and water flumes.  A Ramsey County license is normally required.
Swimming Pools | Fecal Contamination | Signage Requirements

Vending Machines
With a few limited exceptions, food vending machines require a license from Ramsey County.  Exceptions may include the location of the machine (specific cities) or type of food item | Vending Machine Application (pdf)

Waste Hauler Licensing
Learn how to get a waste hauler's license, what the County Environmental Charge (CEC) is about and the requirements to participate in the hauler rebate program.
Waste Hauler Licensing