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Deconstruction is the disassembly of a building in a manner that maximizes the amount of used building materials recoverable for reuse.
Rethink Recycling Business Guide 

Demolition refers to the tearing down of a structure, with little or no attempt to reuse materials, although materials may be sorted out for recycling either on-site or at a sorting facility.  Typically, the remaining materials are disposed as demolition waste.
Demolition, Recycling, Salvage and Disposal Contractors (pdf) | Pre-Demolition Inspections

Demolition wastes for disposal include solid wastes resulting from the demolition or deconstruction of buildings, roads, and other man-made structures.  Materials commonly disposed include concrete, brick, bituminous concrete, untreated wood, masonry, glass, trees and tree trimmings, rock, plastic building parts, and other inert materials.  Materials are either disposed at a landfill or a transfer station.
Rethink Recycling Business Guide 

Pre-Demolition (Pre-Demo) Inspection
The pre-demolition inspection program created in 2008 addressed the need to identify, remove and properly manage hazardous materials prior to building demolition.  This program is the first of its kind in Minnesota.  The program encourages deconstruction, salvage and recycling.
Pre-Demolition Inspections | Program Results | History

Reuse & Recycling
Reuse and recycling refers to the process of collecting and preparing recyclable materials and reusing the materials in their original form or using them in manufacturing processes.  For example, wood floors can be removed from an old home and reused in a renovation or in a new home.  Shingles from a roof can be removed and recycled into asphalt pavement.
Rethink Recycling Business Guide 

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