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Pre-Demolition Process 
For more information on the process (pdf)

Demolition or Building Permits
by cities in Ramsey County prior to demolition of any structure.  Contact each city directly for required fees and forms.

Pre-Demolition Inspections
Required in Ramsey County for all full residential and commercial demolition projects. 
Required for partial commercial remodeling and demolition projects.
To set up a pre-demolition inspection, call 651.266.1199

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) Notification of Intent to Perform a Demolition Form
Required by Ramsey County to be submitted prior to beginning any demolition, including NESHAP-exempt structures, within Ramsey County. 
MPCA Notification of Intent to Perform a Demolition - MPCA form w-sw4-21 (pdf)

Pre-Demolition Checklist

A comprehensive list of hazardous building materials that are required to be identified, removed and properly managed prior to beginning any demolition in Ramsey County.  
Pre-Demolition Checklist (pdf)

Copies of the following are required from the demolition contractor, property owner or their designee to meet County pre-demolition inspection program requirements:

  • City Demolition Permit, or in specific cases "City of St. Paul Notice to Proceed" letter
  • MPCA Notification of Intent to Perform a Demolition (Submittal to Ramsey County required regardless of whether MN Pollution Control Agency requires the form under the NESHAP regulations)
  • Asbestos survey, survey report, abatement receipts, and disposal manifests
  • Completed County Pre-Demolition Inspection Report
  • County’s Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) form (if disposed of through Ramsey County HHW site)
  • Appliance and electronics recycling receipts
  • Demolition waste processing or disposal tickets
  • Concrete, brick and metal recycling receipts
  • Proof-of-disposal or proof-of-recycling documents for all wastes

More Information
Contractors should call 651.266.1199 to discuss the scope of the demolition or remodeling project and to schedule a pre-demolition inspection.
Demolition, Recycling, Salvage and Disposal Contractors (pdf) | Demolition Contractor's FAQ (pdf) | Memo to Municipal Building Officials and Fire Marshalls, 7-28-14 (pdf) | Minnesota Dept. Of Health (MDH) pre-demo pamphlet (pdf) | MDH Friability memo (April 2015) (pdf)  |  Ramsey County pre-demo notification requirements (pdf)

Hazardous Materials Commonly Found in Buildings

Aerosol cans - photo
Antifreeze - photo
Appliances (such as furnace, dishwasher, water heater, garbage disposal, stove, in-home incinerator) - photo
Asbestos - pipe wrap - photo | siding - photo
Batteries (auto and rechargeable) - photo
Consumer electronics (such as TVs, computers, printers) - photo
Driveway sealer - photo
Flammable solvents (such as gasoline and paint thinner) - photo
Fluorescent lamps - photo
Gas cylinders - photo
Mercury-containing devices - photo | photo
Paints (oil and latex) - photo
PCB ballasts - photo
Pesticides - photo
Sharps (needles, syringes) - photo
Smoke detectors (ionizing) - photo
Stains and varnishes - photo

Ramsey County Ordinances (pdfs) - Administrative | Hazardous Waste | Solid Waste 
State of Minnesota Asbestos Programs and Rules - Pollution Control Agency | Department of Health
State of Minnesota, 7035.0805 Renovation and Demolition - Pre-Demolition Rule (pdf)
Program Results
As a result of the pre-demolition inspection program, the amount of hazardous materials being improperly managed was reduced.  Inspections revealed paint cans, gas cylinders, PCB ballasts, appliances and other materials banned from landfill disposal prior to demolition.  These inspections are successful due to cooperation between the county, cities, recyclers and contractors.
2014 Program Summary (pdf) | 2013 Program Summary (pdf) | 2012 Program Summary (pdf) | 2012 Program Results, full report (pdf) |  3M 2012 Demolition Project (pdf) | 2011 Program Results (pdf) | 2010 Program Results (pdf) | 2009 Program Results (pdf)

The pre-demolition inspection program, created in 2008, addressed the need to identify, remove and properly manage hazardous materials prior to building demolition.  This program is the first of its kind in Minnesota.  The program encourages deconstruction, salvage and recycling.  This program was created after the Ramsey County Solid and Hazardous Waste Ordinances were amended to require demolition contractors to remove and properly manage hazardous materials in a building prior to demolition. 

The establishment of a regulatory standard for demolition contractors creates a level playing field, protects occupational exposure to hazards and reduces landfilling of wastes.  Ramsey County staff work closely with local code enforcement and zoning officials and place a priority on integrating the pre-demolition program requirements within existing permitting processes.  The program's minimal impact on tight demolition timelines has resulted in excellent compliance by demolition contractors.

The success of the program has been rooted in the collaborative relationships between the contractors, city staff, county staff and waste managers.

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